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Last Updated: Tuesday March 07 2006 18:54 GMT

Ice cricket is winner in Estonia

Teams play ice cricket
Cricket fans in Estonia have developed a special icy version of the game to play during the Baltic winter there.

They've adapted the rules to include a plastic ball instead of leather, to stop it freezing and becoming very hard in the minus six degree temperatures.

And teams can play just six overs per innings to allow the maximum number of games on the icy pitch.

Ice cricket has been played in the eastern European country for six years now, becoming a game in its own right.

Twenty cricket teams recently took part in a special tournament with teams from all over the world.

One cricket fan who had travelled all the way from New Zealand to take part said: "Well, we love playing cricket and so we came over here to play cricket in a very unique setting.

"And this is one of the most unique settings you could play cricket in!"

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