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Last Updated: Thursday August 10 2006 17:26 GMT

NR meets kids living in Beirut

Newsround is in the Middle East, reporting on the child victims of the continuing war between Israel and the Lebanese group Hezbollah.

It's estimated that a third of those killed during this conflict have been young people and thousands of others have lost their homes and friends and are now living in desperate conditions.

But it's been too dangerous for our reporter Ellie to travel to the Lebanese capital Beirut, so BBC reporter Christian Fraser sent us a special report on what life is like for kids in the war-struck city.

He met Hussein, a 13-year-old boy who's lucky to be alive, as two weeks ago his house was bombed by the Israeli air force.

He escaped with just a broken arm, but his older brother Mustafa was buried underneath the rubble.

Hussein's brother Mustafa (left) and friends
Hussein's brother Mustafa (left) and friends
Mustafa said: "Despite Hussein's injuries, he managed to use his other arm to dig a hole around my face so I could breathe. I would have suffocated if he hadn't found me."

Hussein has horrible nightmares, not about the bombing of his house but what he saw from the car as his family fled north.

Frightening to watch

He said: "We stopped a few times on the road and we could see that they were still bombing behind us. It was really frightening as we could see bombs. It was really horrible."

Map of the area
Hussein is living in a derelict house on the edge of Beirut. He has to share a room with nine others. There's little water or food and raw sewage all over the street.

"We don't wash or shower," he said. "We wait for the water to come and sometimes it can take days for it to come."

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