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Last Updated: Thursday March 09 2006 11:28 GMT

Do you care about fair trade?

Cotton workers carry a big pile of cotton ready to be spun into cloth.
Cotton workers carry a big pile of cotton ready to be spun into cloth.
Today is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight - a campaign to help people in poor countries, who make a lot of the stuff we buy, get a fairer deal.

Many clothes are made in countries like India. Lots of shirts and dresses contain a material called cotton that comes from a plant.

But sometimes farmers are not paid well for their crops.

As part of the Fairtrade campaign clothes in some high street stores will have a Fairtrade label on them so you know the farmers have been given a fair price.

So, do YOU care about fair trade?

Have you ever bought something especially because it is fair trade?

If you saw a t-shirt with a Fairtrade logo on would that encourage you to buy it?

Or is the price, colour or the style more important to you?

E-mail and let us know your thoughts.

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Your comments

Yes, we switched over to Fairtrade coffee and chocolate about six months ago to try and help make a difference.
Nathan, 13, Steyning

I think fair trade is extremely important as it guarantees that the workers get a good and fair deal. This ensures that the poor get paid for their work - not exploited. It should be publicised all year round not just for a fortnight.
Dobby, 14, Edinburgh

Fair trade is good because people get a fair price for the things they make and it could help end poverty.
Lucy, 13, Ealing

We have been studying about fair trade since January and I think it is important that we know about it.
Laura, 10, Stockport

I love fair trade chocolate and my mum buys some fair trade stuff. I'll buy the clothes because they look good!
Katherine, 13, Livingston

Yes, I'm going to try to buy fair trade things and tell my friends to.
Chloe, 10, Stockport

We are doing an assembly at school about fair trade.
Emma, 10, Stockport

It would encourage us to buy the clothes because you know that the people who have made them have got a fair price, although we wouldn't buy something that we didn't like or was bad value for money!
New Bradwell School Class 6, 11, Milton Keynes

I am supporting fair trade! We had an assembly at school about it and it is definitely worthwhile.
Tash, 12, Sevenoaks

I definitely agree with fair trade because it is an important thing in life, for example we get everything but other countries don't have enough to eat or don't even have a place to live.
Dominic, 11, Sheffield

It's Fairtrade week at my school and at break I'm selling fair trade products.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I was a model in our church's fair trade fashion show. The clothes were really nice!
Nicola, 15, Cheshire

We always have a fair trade chocolate on sale once a week. I think people should be expected to pay more as it's not as if we are going to be living in the same conditions as them if we don't buy the products.
Alysha, 14, Liverpool

We hardly do anything about fair trade at school usually but this year we are having Fairtrade fortnight but we're still not really doing anything. I think more needs to be done all year to raise awareness.
Aimee, 14, Leeds

I think that fair trade is very important because poor people work so hard just to get by and if they are cheated when they sell months of hard work it's not fair! I think that this system is very good and beneficial to those who really need help!
Katrina, 14, Turks and Caicos Islands

Yeah, I care about fair trade. I only buy stuff every now and again although the chocolate is so fine!
Rachel, 13, Westhill

Fair Trade is important as people who work hard for their labour should get paid what they deserve and I agree that Fairtrade chocolates are better than the normal ones!
Pooja, 12, Northolt

I think people should be encouraged to buy fair trade items. It's just as good as giving money to charity but you get something out of it too.
Chloe, 10, Edinburgh

Fair trade is very important and there should be more of an effort to get it noticed and respected more. Perhaps kids should be taught a bit about it in schools.
Catherine, 12, Maidenhead

YEAH! I love all fair trade products. At last it is getting publicised more. I think fair trade is a great idea because if people want to help people out of poverty but they don't know how they can just turn to fair trade and they are helping straight away! Its amazing!
Bettina, 12, Glasgow

My school sells fair trade chocolate and sends the profits off to our sister school in Tanzania.
Chloe, 16, Newcastle

YES! Finally fair trade is getting a high profile! Fairtrade is the only way people can help themselves out of poverty, you cannot say you want to help the world and then go down the road and buy a tube of Smarties. Fairtrade chocolate is so much nicer and not even more expensive!
Ann, 15, Birmingham

I think fair trade is very important because people in poor countries should be given the same rights as us.
Devon, 14, Yeovil

I'm definitely supporting fair trade because my school is becoming a fair trade school and supporting Fairtrade fortnight.
Ourania, 10, Leeds

I really care about fair trade as I lived in India for five years and saw the poor and the conditions they lived in. It would mean so much to me if everything was fair trade.
Trishna, 13, Newcastle

I really, really think fair trade is important and more should be done to promote it!
Mia, 12, London

I don't care about fair trade products we shouldn't be expected to pay more for the same product, it's better to force the manufacturers to pay their workers more. Punish them and not us.
Jay, 15, Belfast

I think schools should get involved as well to help.
Andrew, 11, Washington

We buy fair trade coffee but nothing else. It's not that we don't care, it's just not all products say whether they are fair trade or not and I don't think its likely they were all made by underpaid farmers.
Amber, 13, Shrewsbury

My school had a whole day teaching us about fair trade, what it involves and why we should try to buy more fair trade products. I have now started making mum buy the Fairtrade coffee beans and chocolate!
Cecily, 13, Bristol

Fair trade is the way to go. These people need the money for the hard labour they have done. Marks and Spencer sell fair trade coffee and tea in their coffee shops at the same price as normal coffee/tea but other cafes ask you to pay more. These people deserve a good wage and a good life.
Chloe, 15, Fife

I have heard of fair trade but never bought anything. I will start now though because the clothes look quite good!
Laura, 14, Cheshire

There is a fair trade stall at the back of my church and me and me mates always try and buy snacks and cards from there instead going to the newsagent down the road.
Lou-Lou, 14, Nottingham

Fairtrade is a growing problem as people don't realise the work so many people put in for so little money. Shops should sell lots more fair trade products.
Charli, 11, Leicester

Our local Co-op is the best for fair trade foods. We go there now and then when we need a few stuff.
Rayka, 14, London

I always buy Fairtrade chocolate because it tastes nicer than any other chocolate. I would also buy fair trade clothes if I could find them.
Vikki, 15, Stockport

Yes, I care about it a lot. All my family only buy Fairtrade coffee, tea, sugar etc because it's only fair that people should get paid for their hard work.
Alice, 14, Omagh

I think that we should not worry about fair trade because the people who work in these poor countries and don't get paid much get quite a lot of money for the area they live in. It might not seem like much money to us but it does to them.
Christopher, 15, Greenford

I agree with fair trade and I think the clothes rock!
Eve, 12, Llandudno

I buy as much fair trade stuff as I can as I think it's helping someone somewhere! I think all companies should be fair trade and give the growers a fair amount to live on! Also Fairtrade chocolate is really yummy!
Rosie, 13, Royston

I buy fair trade food and me and my friends have just found some fair trade clothes websites, they're really cool!
Catherine, 12, Liverpool

I agree with fair trade but have done some research and found that many of the people who grow the produce don't actually get much more. By saying something is fair trade the company just has to give some extra to the growers. This can be very little - so it doesn't always make a difference.
Helen, 13, Oxford

At my church there is a fair trade stall and sometimes we buy cookies from it. I think it is important that the poorer farmers are getting what they deserve. In this way we all benefit.
Chris, 10, Guildford

I buy as much fair trade stuff as I can as I think it's helping someone somewhere! I think all companies should be fair trade and give the growers a fair amount to live on! Also Fairtrade chocolate is really yummy!
Katie, 15, Royston

I think that fair trade is a good thing because it allows people to get what they have a right to but I do think that fair trade stuff can be a bit expensive at times, but knowing that it actually goes to the people who grew the products makes it OK.
Catherine, 12, Oxford

Yes, as I think it's unfair that people get paid the equivalent of 1p a day and work more than 14 hours an day.
Abhishek, 12, Leeds

Yes! I completely support fair trade and think more people should.
Eleanor, 13, Dublin

I think that more shops should sell Fairtrade items rather than selling items that have been made out of slavery.
Tessa, 11, St. Neots

I do care I think fair trade is important as we are all people and should be treated the same in any case!
Saffron, 12, Lincoln

Yeah, I try. I got my mum to buy some fair trade food. It was more expensive though.
Arche, 12, Leicester

I would buy things that are fair trade because then I would know I was helping people and giving them the money they need.
Ellie, 12, Leeds

I sometimes buy fair trade food like chocolate and have bought one Fairtrade top. I do look for things and do care.
Rach, 11, Stirling

Yes, we buy fair trade coffee and tea but I haven't seen any fair trade clothes.
Claire, 12, Ireland

I never see any clothes that are fair trade but if I did I definitely would buy them as it is not fair that they don't get the profit they deserve. I do see fair trade chocolate and coffee in Asda though.
Chloe, 12, Rotherham

Yes, we should support these people. They deserve to have a good life just as much as we do.
Lydia, 10, Emsworth

I've never seen any Fairtrade clothes but if I did and liked them I would prefer to buy them as then I know I am helping.
Jemma, 12, Warwick

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