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Last Updated: Wednesday August 09 2006 11:57 GMT

Quiz: Jellyfish


Question 1

What percentage of a jellyfish is water?

A: 100%
B: 95%
C: 90%

Question 2

How do jellyfish swim?

A: Jet propulsion
B: With their tentacles
C: With fins

Question 3

How long have jellyfish been on the planet?

A: More than 650 million years
B: More than 750 million years
C: More than 850 million years

Question 4

The most dangerous jellyfish is the box jelly - which country does it come from?

A: America
B: Australia
C: Africa

Question 5

Which part of the jellyfish stings?

A: Body
B: Tentacles
C: Head

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