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Last Updated: Thursday May 18 2006 11:26 GMT

Quiz: How green is your food?

Fruit and vegetables

Question 1

What is organic food?

A: Food produced with unsaturated fat
B: Food produced without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers
C: Food produced in its own country

Question 2

Approximately how much money is spent on organic food in the UK every year?

A: More than 1,200
B: More than 1.2 million
C: More than 1.2 billion

Question 3

Palm oil is often used for cakes, peanut butter and ice cream. But which animal in Indonesia could become extinct because of palm oil plantations?

A: Dolphins
B: Elephants
C: Orangutans

Question 4

The farming of a certain crop is destroying huge areas of the Amazon rainforest. What is it?

A: Peanuts
B: Soy bean
C: Corn

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