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Last Updated: Wednesday March 15 2006 08:33 GMT

I've got an art gallery at school

Art by Grayson Perry
Art by Grayson Perry

Abigail's school is hosting the Making It Yours: Ceramics exhibition, to make sure more of you get to see cool artwork.

In her report, she tells us all about it.

"Art can be happy, it can be sad - art can be anything you want it to be.

At my school we think it's a really important subject.

We're really lucky to have a chance to show some big works of art in our own gallery.

The exhibition is a new project which includes pottery and clay work from the Crafts Council Collection.

Arty aims

The aim of it is to improve what is being taught in art (mainly pottery and stuff like that) in schools at the moment.

This is the very first time that a museum collection has been looked after by schools in the UK.

Work of art

We're really lucky to have this opportunity because it will help us to get kids to see their talents in art and help them to build on them and improve them.

Other schools near us can come and see the pieces as well.

It will also give a boost to other subjects such as Design and Technology, English, Geography, Maths and Chemistry.

The exhibition has loads of different pieces of art, like work from prize winners Grayson Perry and Walter Keeler.

Art by Kate Malone
Art by Kate Malone

Some of the objects on show you can use in everyday life, for example, the 'Jug' by Ray Finch can be used to pour drinks.

Other things were created just for people to look at.

Visitors can also handle some things there, look at info about the displays, and have fun at an area which includes a touch-screen computer.

There is also loads of help and people to talk to for those who would like it.

Things are looking good so far, and we're really enjoying it at my school!"

Abigail, 13, Northamptonshire.

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