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Last Updated: Friday April 14 2006 14:50 GMT

What do you think about Asbos?

Teenager wearing a hoodie.
Anti-social behaviour orders are special sets of rules given to someone whose behaviour is causing problems.

The rules say things about who they may meet or where they may go - and often ban people from the areas where they have caused trouble.

Kids and teenagers who receive Asbos can have their names made public. Normally courts and the police may not name young offenders.

Do you think Asbos are a good idea or do you think that there's better ways to deal with these sort of problems?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

We say that large groups make children get Asbo's or misbehave but some people feel safer in large groups and don't mean to seem unfriendly.
Hazel, 14, Crawley

I like Asbo's as they are there to stop threatening behaviour from older teenagers. But I think they are given out to easily, I know a really nice sixth former who has one!
Kathryn, 12, Rugby

I think that Asbos are a good idea as they shame offenders to their community. However, there should be more youth centres and help for those with little to do.
Emrys, 15, Bury St Edmunds

Asbos are a good idea but I don't think that the government should put children's' pictures up because it could cause more problems.
Chocfreak, 12, London

I think it is a bit harsh to tell people what to do and all that. I mean, I get why they're banned from the area but it's a free world remember.
Samara, 12, Hastings

Well I think Asbos will teach teenagers who mess about in public not to do it again.
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I think it is a good idea, but little kids who don't understand should be told and made to listen earlier so they KNOW what can happen to them. Overall, I think Asbos are good because they go on your record, which most people worry about. I know I wouldn't want one.
Dart, 14, Milton Keynes

I live in a council estate with my grandma and older brother. A few months ago my and my grandma used to live in fear of my older brother being arrested as he used to break the law quite a lot and had been in trouble with the police. My grandma just could not control him however all that as stopped now as last month he was given an Asbo and my grandma says it's the best thing that could of happened to him as he is turning his life around already! So in my personal experience Asbos are a good thing all round.
Danielle, 14, Oldham

I think Asbos are a good idea as long as there is some youth club or something for people to go to so they don't just hang round on another street corner and get banned from there as well.
Libby, 13, Liverpool

I believe that Asbos are a brilliant idea because young people should understand the consequences of committing a crime.
Tahiba, 14, Birmingham

I think anti-social behaviour is awful. What is the point of being naughty because can get put in prison and what a waste of life.
Rachel, 10, Worthing

Anti-social behaviour should be stopped! It is hurting the community as well as the environment! Even dropping litter is considered anti-social behaviour so we have to stop it!
Emily, 12, Dorset

I don't think they're a good idea because they're not changing anything. 'Starving' from their crimes will only increase the temptation afterwards once they're let go.
Hanan, 15, Kuwait

I reckon children should have a place set up for them to graffiti and to hang around but not to destroy, it would stop them from moving around and causing havoc.
Leigh, 11, Taynuilt

I don't think giving Asbos to teenagers is the right option. I don't think it gives justice to the victim or the offender. Taking away a child's freedom and happiness surely is the worst punishment possible.
Jasmine, 14, Stevenage

Asbo's are a really good idea and will help innocent people get the freedom and security they deserve. They will also help future generations!
Samantha & Wicky, 12, Hollydown

I don't see the point, it won't change them as a person. They'll just look for new partners in crime and new places to vandalize and new victims to harass.
Kelai, 13, Cheshire

I think that giving anti-social behaviour orders to normal kids is fine but for people who have got learning difficulties like myself because I am slightly autistic and have moderate learning difficulties, I think it's wrong for people who have problems to get an Asbo because they need help, not punishment.
Jonathan, 14, Croydon

I think Asbos are a good idea because punishing people are the only way kids learn. I'm lucky as I have grown up in a great neighbourhood and we've never had any problems with anti-social behaviour
Alexia, 13, Rotherham

I think Asbos are a fab idea because if you get court doing something you are not supposed to be doing you should get punished
Lily, 13, Manchester

I think Asbos are a very good idea because whoever is has an Asbo cannot harm anyone due to their warning!
Tashi, 13, Manchester

I think Asbos are a good thing because there's too much violence in the streets, I hope they help.
Melissa, 13, Stratford

I think Asbos are a good thing because they stop youths my age messing about on the streets and I think they need to come into action is my town.
Abigail, 14, Darlington

I think that Asbos are a good way to stop kids and teenagers causing trouble as it can effect a lot of people.
Tulsi, 12, Walsall

I think you should just leave people be. If they are doing harm or misbehaving badly of course they should be punished but they should not be made public. that is just cruel.
Dan, 12, Maidenhead

Even if children do have an Asbo, they should still be allowed round in big groups, as a big group is safer than one or two people.
Nicole, 14, Harlow

They are a bad idea. They may be working short term, but it won't stop the bad behaviour. They should set up more youth clubs to occupy kids so we don't have to hang around on the streets.
Rachel, 15, Enfield

I think Asbo's are a good way of punishment for teenagers who do not act they way they should. If the teenagers acted the way they should then they wouldn't need an Asbo so it's their own fault.
Sophie, 13, Preston

I think they are a good thing as they will stop us from being hurt or feeling uneasy.
Jamie, 12, Mons

I think that Asbos are a good idea because they are stopping bad behaviour and showing the consequences for doing it, so it should stop people doing it in the future.
Kelly, 14, Gorleston

I don't think they're a good idea because if a person gets one they will think that everyone thinks that they are bad and they may get worse.
Jasmine, 15, Brighton

I don't think they have any impact whatsoever. It's such a stupid punishment because offenders will just go elsewhere to behave badly. Plus, the age should be 13/14 because at 10 you may be pushed into something which you will regret after but were too young to realize at the time.
Helena, 14, Birmingham

I don't think Asbos are helping because a lot of kids might think it's funny and think nothing of it.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

Asbos are good but I think there should be more done to make sure they are kept, otherwise there is no point of having them.
Becky, 11, Andover

I don't think they actually do anything. There's still plenty of crime around and young offenders who aren't named so you don't even know who they are - so how do you know if they are causing problems?
Bethany, 14, London

I really don't see the big deal. These kids are put on Asbos for misbehaving. Obviously it's wrong for children to be placed on Asbos for the way they dress but the solution is just don't misbehave.
Tom, 14, Brentwood

They can be a good thing if they are stopping you from getting into trouble again but you have to want to stop your behaviour too.
George, 12, Manchester

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