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Last Updated: Friday March 24 2006 18:39 GMT

Vote: Should Asbo kids be named?

A teenager wearing a hoodie.

Anti-social behaviour orders are a set of rules to try to stop someone continuing with bad behaviour.

They're used to cut down on things like litter, excessive noise, drunken behaviour, vandalism and theft. If the person breaks the rules, they can be arrested.

Examples include teenagers being banned from town centres, from wearing hoodies or from going into shops and pubs.

Under current law, it is possible to name children issued with an Asbo.

Public knowledge

Most kids who get an Asbo are named as publicity helps the community. Everyone knows what the conditions of the Asbo are so if it's broken, they can report the offence.

In other cases, children who go to court remain anonymous, except for exceptional cases where they've done a major crime.

It's thought this is helpful to kids because their reputation is protected from the public and they don't get judged by what they've done.

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Should kids be named publicly when they get an Asbo?





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