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Last Updated: Monday March 27 2006 17:03 GMT

Quiz: Asbos

Teenagers fighting.

Question 1

What does Asbo stand for?

A: Aggressive stopping behaviour order
B: Anti-social ban order
C: Anti-social behaviour order

Question 2

What's the youngest age you can be to have an Asbo?

A: 10
B: 13
C: 15

Question 3

Who gives out Asbos in England and Wales?

A: Police
B: Magistrates Court
C: Teachers

Question 4

When did Asbos come into existence?

A: 1999
B: 1899
C: 1799

Question 5

What happens if you break the conditions of your Asbo?

A: You can be arrested
B: You can be deported
C: You can be sent to Coventry

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