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Last Updated: Friday May 12 2006 17:34 GMT

Quiz: Nicknames of footie teams

Young football fans.

Question 1

Which football team is known as the Black Cats?

A: Cardiff City
B: Crystal Palace
C: Sunderland

Question 2

Everton are also know by which sweet-sounding name?

A: The Toffees
B: The Humbugs
C: The Lollipops

Question 3

Leicester City are also known by which animal name?

A: The Hares
B: The Foxes
C: The Badgers

Question 4

Why are West Ham called the Hammers?

A: They eat lots of ham
B: They hammer the ball
C: It's part of their original name

Question 5

Who are known as the Pensioners?

A: Chelsea
B: Liverpool
C: Rangers

Question 6

West Bromwich Albion are known by what other name?

A: The Albies
B: The Baggies
C: The Westbas

Question 7

Which team is also known as The Seagulls?

A: Brighton
B: Norwich City
C: Bristol City

Question 8

Which of these teams is NOT known also known as The Blues?

A: Birmingham City
B: Chelsea
C: Burnley

Question 9

Which of these is NOT a nickname for a football team?

A: Tractor Boys
B: Biscuitmen
C: Strikers

Question 10

Which team is also known as The Owls?

A: Sheffield United
B: Sheffield Wednesday
C: Rotherham United

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