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Last Updated: Friday March 03 2006 18:21 GMT

What's your fave/least fave book ending?

A girl and boy reading
Most people like books to have a happy ending, says a new survey published to celebrate World Book Day.

We like stories to end happily as they help put us in a good mood.

But how do YOU like books to finish?

Which books do you think have had the best or worst ending?

Are you a sucker for a story with a happily ever after ending?

Or do you think that books should always end realistically, even if that means it is sad?

Maybe the ending of a book you read recently really disappointed you and you'd change it?

E-mail and tell us.

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Your comments

I read this book called 'The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl'. It was a good story but I thought it was all ruined at the end by not knowing what would happen to the character next.
Geo, 14, Tallington

I've just read a book when you never knew what happened next and the hero was about to die! It was brilliant!
Kristina, 12, Southampton

I hate real happy endings, they're too cheesy. I also hate books with no ending because you don't know what is happening and you have to buy the next book just to find out!
Sarah, 13, Dublin

I don't like it when a book just ends because it means you have to wait for ages for the new book to come out and then you have to re-read the previous book. Mostly I like my books to finish happily.
Charlotte, 11, Oxfordshire

I like books to leave you on a cliffhanger. I hate books that say "And they lived happily ever after". Yuk!
Elizabeth, 11, Binley

I HATE happy endings!
Jemma, 13, USA

I love world book day and my favourite book ending is in the story of James and the Giant Peach!
Sophie, 8, Fleetwood

I hate happy endings, because if there is another one coming out and they leave the last one on a cliff hanger people would like to read the next book.
Lydia, 12, Sheffield

I hate cliffhangers the most!
Naomi, 13, Ewell

I like books that don't have an ending. If they have a cliffhanger, it is great, because you can contemplate on a possible ending and get the next book in the series.
Natasha, 14, Essex

I think a good ending is something you never good of predicted, but is happy. A bad ending is something that wraps up too fast and makes you cry!
Sarah, 13, Stoke-on-Trent

I like books that end on a cliffhanger and then have sequels.
Oliver, 11, Chesterfield

I like books with realistic endings. It doesn't have to be specifically happy, or sad... so long as the story-line is realistic and the ending fits.
Viki, 15, Bristol

I think the best books are ones that make you put the book down in tears because it shows the author has really connected with you.
Char, 14, London

I don't mind sad endings but I hate it when you get to the end and you turn over the page looking for more because there wasn't a proper ending.
Louise, 15, Surrey

I think happy endings can be too predictable. I like stories with a twist at the end.
Vicky, 15, Romford

Any ending is sad because you're saying goodbye to an imaginary world you've unlocked.
Jennifer, 14, Scotland

I hate it when it is really good and one of the main characters dies.
Bobby, 11, Bath

I like books when you can see what is going to happen at the end but it still really surprises up when it does!
Fyn, 14, Chester

A good ending is either one that wraps up all the loose ends or one that makes you want to find out what happens next.
Jonathan, 15, Tewkesbury

I like an action packed ending where a major event happens. I hate really unrealistic endings like when the baddie loses and good triumphs really easily even though the baddies a million times stronger and cleverer.
Alex, 11, Manchester

I like books that end with a mystery.
James, 9, Greenlys

I don't like it when you read a really good book but it turns out to be a dream. If I wrote a book that was a dream I would make it as if he was in hospital and it wasn't a dream after all!
Damon, 10, Bodmin

I don't like it when a book has a sad ending because it always makes you get your hopes up. But it is nice when there's a twist sometimes.
Reema, 11, London

I think that a scary book should have a cliffhanger such as the monster or thing gets killed and then it comes back and the book finishes making you want to read the second book.
Sammy, 12, Doncaster

I don't like it when books have a really sad ending because then I get upset but it's interesting when things don't always go to plan.
Rachel, 14, Cambridgeshire

If it is about animals, then I like it to have a happy ending!
Char, 12, Edgware

I prefer happy endings- like in pride and Prejudice!
Rachel, 14, West Sussex

I really like books with sad endings. Happy ones really annoy me because you know it's never going to happen.
Rachel, 11, Bishops Stortford

I love it when books end the way you want them to with everyone getting what they deserve, but with a twist, like in Wendy Holden's books. Otherwise it would be so predictable. I hate it when you finish a book and don't feel satisfied; when there are still loose ends to tie up. It's so frustrating!
Sophie, 14, Chislehurst

Sad endings are way better - they really make you think and often cry!
Hannah, 12, London

I think that the ones where everyone gets what they deserve is the best ever ending!
Courtney, 11, Cottingkey

I hate it in fairy tales where the women see the men and immediately attempt to marry them.
Alice, 11, London

I HATE happily ever afters! They're not realistic because not everyone does have a happy ending.
Harpreet, 13, Derby

My fave ending is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as it is happy and exciting with Harry meeting his godfather Sirius.
Joanna, 13, Inverness

I like books that have an unexpected change or a cliffhanger!
Aisha, 14, Telford

I hate those books that have an obvious middle and ending e.g. girl can't have boy, big problem, problem solved, boy and girl get together!!! BLEUCH!!!
Beca, 12, Tregarth

Books that end in cliffhangers really annoy me as I like to know the conclusive ending. I like books that have slightly sad endings.
Becky, 14, Surrey

I like books with happy endings and sad endings but cliffhangers really bug me.
Nosheen, 13, Accrington

I personally think that the best way to end a story is with a happy ending because if the story was sad people who read it would cry, but if you end it in a happy ending they will be happier.
Clarissa, 9, Colindale

I like a book with a twist at the end but that the whole book is explained. And I hate cliffhangers!
Mica, 14, Barnsley

"and then he got up from bed to find it was all a dream" is the most ANNOYING book ending ever!
Scott, 12, Cheshunt

I think books with conclusive endings are the best, ones where you think "Ah! So that's why!". Books that end on cliffhangers really annoy me.
Megan, 13, Marbella

I love books when there is a happy ending but with a teeny bit of sadness in the end.
Claire, 12, Ireland

I love the books that end in a simple way but they really touch you. For example, I like something that says: "And he hurried down the road, leaving his worst nightmares behind. And this was not the end, but the beginning of something new." If you know what I mean...
Vale, 10, USA

I like it when something really unexpected happens at the end and I hate it when the story leaves without making something clear! But I like an ending with a twist that might give you a hint to the next series like Harry Potter.
Zaariyah, 13, Aberdeen

I love it when things don't go to plan. like when you don't know what to expect because the rest of storey has been so mixed up - something that goes against the stupid happily ever afters!
Laura, 14, Macclesfield

I think books that end on cliffhangers are really annoying. I don't mind a "to be continued" like His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. And I think a sad ending to a book makes you remember it more.
Dobby, 14, Edinburgh

I hate anti-climaxes, especially when the whole book has been steadily building up tension and then it's ruined by an ending that really doesn't do the rest of the book justice.
Charlotte, 15, Unknown

I like books that have happy endings, like my favourite book 'Crashing'.
Alisha, 14, Cardiff

I really hate books with dead soppy endings where people get the man or woman of their dreams. It's dead overrated with people acting all cute. Books can end a bit more realistically I think.
Kristi, 11, Pentre

I love books which end with the author telling you what happens when the book is over, like a summary!
Isabella, 13, London

I hate it when they you leave the story with a cliffhanger!
Carly, 11, Darlington

The books with the best endings are the Harry Potter books and books written by Cornelia Funke. The books are so full of twists and turns, you never know what to expect!
Hailey, 10, USA

I really hate cheesy endings to stories - like fairy tales that all end the same and everyone just gets married. Boring!
Jamie, 13, Milton Keynes

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