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Last Updated: Thursday March 02 2006 13:14 GMT

In Pictures: Out of the blue

BBC News Online's Photographer of the Year - winning photograph

This amazing underwater shot is the winner of the BBC News Online's 2005 photographer of the year competition.

The masked butterfly fish

Winner JP Trenque says: "The masked butterfly fish can display such vivid colours that I have always loved spending time watching them in their own environment."

Mandarin fish

"These tiny mandarin fish normally live within the shelter of a coral head but every evening at sunset they venture out for a few seconds to mate."

A grouper fish

"This grouper was swimming in the middle of a school of unicorn fish. I thought the contrast in colours was quite striking."


"I have a fascination for sharks. Like many people, I thought of them as merciless killers, but in fact most of them are scared of us humans."

The Giannis D wreck

"The Red Sea is home to countless wrecks.The Giannis D hit the reef at Abu Nuhas, near the Straits of Suez some 20 years ago."

The Carnatic wreck

"Nearby lies the Carnatic, who foundered in the late 19th century encrusted with soft corals, she hosts a colony of tiny glassfish."

A school of fish

"I have recently taken a keen interest in schools of fish. Photographing them can be quite difficult because there is always an individual who does not want to pose for the camera."

A school of barracuda

"Schools of barracuda are amazing to watch. Although they can be aggressive on their own, they are quite skittish when part of a group."


"I wanted to create an impression of movement, with the fish swimming towards me, which they were very reluctant to do."


"Lionfish have few predators. Fairly sedentary during the day, they become active hunters at dusk."

An anenome fish

"Anemone fish display fearlessness and are regularly seen leaving the safety of their host anemone to fend off an approaching intruder."

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