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Last Updated: Friday May 12 2006 15:11 GMT

Lizo reviews the next Doctor Who

Every week our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo will be bringing you his verdict on the week's episode of Doctor Who before it's even hit your screens!

Here's what he thought of the fifth episode from the second series: Rise of the Cybermen.

The first two-parter of the series features the Cybermen - classic monsters which are up there with the Daleks for sheer scariness.

The keen-eyed among you may have spotted a Cyberman head in the futuristic museum in last year's episode Dalek.

It's set on an alternate version of Earth. And in a bit of an Earth-shocker the Cybermen don't really appear until the end.


Many things are the same, but crucially some things are different. Pete Tyler, Rose's dead father is alive, and - trust me on this - it's not good news for Rose who decides she has to track him down. He has his own family though, Jackie and their own version of Rose.

In many ways this is Mickey's episode - he has to face up to himself and deal with issues that have never come up before. And we find out much more about his background.

Much of the episode is setting up how the Cybermen come into being - to blame is a madman called John Lumic who tries to come up with a way of making humans live forever.


Fans will devour the details of this episode. There's the Torchwood reference - it even exists on this parallel world. We discover another great feature the Tardis has. While the Doctor has to face one of his most deadly enemies.

There's humour too - a great gag about Mickey's name. And a surreal moment of music in the Cybus industries factory. And Jackie, who's a rich lady of leisure, is as direct and vulnerable as ever.

In a way all the action takes place in the second episode The Age of Steel (more on that next week), most of this episode is setting things up and putting the pieces in place.

We're now more than a third of the way through the 13-episode series. This time last year, people were beginning to talk about Bad Wolf. Torchwood aside, is there a running theme this time around?

Secret theory?

Theories have been going around on Doctor Who fansites, with two particular ones in pole position. The first being something involving the Moon. A green Moon was the symbol of the hospital in New Earth. In Tooth and Claw, obviously the Moon played a big part. And great shots of the Moon in School Reunion.

As a theory it sounds great - but when I put it to Doctor Who executive producer Russell T Davies, he gives it a two word response. "Absolutely wrong!"

Well, that told me then!

He goes on to explain that he has heard about this theory, but that apart from Torchwood there are no themes secretly linking the stories. Ah then, I counter - what about the 'pride comes before a fall theory,' didn't he mention that in a magazine interview?


Russell's answer is different this time. "Nonsense!" he says. A response to a question that's been seized upon and built up into something that isn't even there. So back to square one, then. Although the Cybermen are a kind of theme, I suppose. They appear in these episodes and in the final two.

Russell reveals that these two programmes called Army of Ghosts and Doomsday will take place in the Torchwood Institute. More than that he won't say, except to say that he doesn't like cliffhangers at the end of series', implying that everything will be tied up by the end.

There's been a long, nearly three-minute Doctor Who trailer running, and this in fact shows scenes from the final two episodes. A woman is surrounded by see-through sheeting and says: "I'm just looking for my friend, did anyone come down here?", before she's surrounded by silhouettes of Cybermen.

This isn't in episodes five or six, so must come in 12 or 13. Similarly, the scene where a woman holds a sonic screwdriver and asks the Doctor what they are and he replies Cybermen, has to be in 12 or 13.


This is backed up by the fact that in the background while she's holding the sonic screwdriver, there's man with a military style beret behind her. On the beret is a silver or gold T. Which has to stand for Torchwood.

Next week I'll be looking at the second part of this duo, The Age of Steel, as well as a few bits and pieces about the next Xmas Special, Season III and the return of the Empress Flavia music theme!

This episode clocks in at around 46 minutes, so there's no trailer for next week at the end. Although The Rise of the Cybermen is a 45-minute trailer for next week's conclusion!

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