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Last Updated: Monday May 15 2006 16:10 GMT

What do you think about Byker Grove finishing?

Some of the Byker Grove cast
Top TV drama Byker Grove is coming to an end.

After 17 years, 18 series and 344 episodes the show set in a youth club in Newcastle has been axed.

CBBC says it wants to make more programmes for younger children and so the series that starts on your screens in September will be the final one, ever!

So will you be sad to see Byker Grove go?

Is it one of your must-see TV shows?

Do you have a favourite character? Or maybe you've got a favourite moment or episode?

Perhaps you think it's been running too long anyway?

Or that some of the issues it's tackled have been too tough for children's TV?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

I think it is pathetic that the Head of CBBC is ditching a quality programme like this in favour of more rubbish aimed at the primary school age and hiding behind the excuse that they are going to make more for my age group!
Shadow, 12, North Shields

I'm glad their getting rid of Byker Grove as I think it's so boring!
Clare, 14, Ipswich

I really don't agree with the axing of Byker Grove. This is one of the best children's shows on TV. It shows issues that effect everyone and doesn't shy away from the truth like other shows.
Kat, 15, Tiverton

I think getting rid of Byker Grove is a big mistake as now there's hardly any TV programmes aimed at my age.
James, 12, Sale

I used to love Byker Grove but most of my fave characters have gone. My fave show is Grange Hill though so if that goes I would be really sad.
Gabz, 13, Harrogate

Please don't axe it. Byker gives you some valuable advice for future life and it's just stupid it's going to finish.
Stephen, 13, Manchester

I'm really upset that they have decided to axe Byker Grove! It deals with real issues and by axing it CBBC will lose a lot of viewers because nearly all the other programmes are already aimed at younger children!
Eimear, 13, Ireland

I think that Byker Grove was good but I am pleased that it has finished because it's quite old - even my mum can remember watching it!
Samantha, 13, County Durham

I am disgraced and appalled that Byker is finishing! Byker Grove is one of the best things on TV!
Chelsea, 14, Gateshead

I love it, so please don't let it finish!
Louise, 12, Durham

Noooooooo!!!! All the programmes on now are aimed at primary school kids! Why does Byker Grove have to go?
Hannah, 13, Glossop

I am really angry and upset that BBC has decided to axe Byker Grove. I think that Byker Grove should be kept on CBBC as it looks at the wider issue's of daily life. From relationships problems to abuse. Me and my friends have decided to get together and do a petition to keep Byker grove on air, please keep Byker Grove on air please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aisha, 15, Surrey

It's not just primary kids who watch CBBC! Sometimes I wonder why I watch CBBC as the only shows I enjoy are Blue Peter, Grange Hill, Newsround and Byker. I think you are going to lose loads of watchers if you axe shows for older kids!
Jenny, 13, London

I don't think I'll miss it, it was just so awful as it's a small programme trying to be a soap and it just doesn't work.
Alex, 14, Solihull

I'm really really sad that Byker Grove is finished as I really love that programme!
Kylie, 13, London

Noooooo! I love Byker Grove.
Jaz, 12, Cardiff

I am really sad because it is one of the best shows. I'm really going to miss it.
Glenn, 14, Ipswich

I don't watch it, so I'm not really bothered.
Natasha, 14, Liverpool

I think it's awful they have axed Byker Grove as it has helped so many people with the storylines they do. It has really helped me.
Charlie, 12, Newcastle

I think that they should keep Byker Grove but because they want CBBC shows to be more suitable for younger people they should also have a BBC Teens with programmes like Byker Grove on.
Andrew, 14, Stockport

I think Byker Grove shouldn't go - even my dad remembers it from when he was a kid!
Emma, 11, Surrey

I think that is wrong for CBBC to axe programmes like Byker Grove because they want to have more programmes for younger children. What will teenagers have to watch if CBBC aims to target a younger audience?
Jenny, 15, Aberdeen

I'm not surprised it's slowly got worse and worse since the fire which killed the other Byker Grove leader.
Alex, 11, Manchester

I never really had the chance to watch it but I would have liked it to last longer so that I could get into it a bit more.
Molly, 12, Tooting

It's a disgrace, people in secondary school have a harder and more stressful time than children at primary school and I for one would like to be able to watch something to unwind to, what am I supposed to watch now? The Tweenies?? Also Byker Grove IS useful for younger children because it deals with issues such as bullying and relationships so it's educational I'm not happy with this at all!
Nicola, 15, Wednesbury

I think it is terrible for such a fantastic show to end and it will be a big loss for the BBC!
Kerry, 10, Auchenblae

I am very upset about Byker Grove finishing because it's the only decent drama programme for teens and children on CBBC. CBBC has really gone down hill in the past few years, back in the day it was all quality programmes and now look what kind of trash we are subjected to.
Fay, 15, Devon

Nooooo! It was such a good show. The BBC needs more shows that relate to how hard teenage life is and the struggle of normal people not less!
Max, 13, England

I am gutted that Byker Grove is finishing! Not only is it a great teen drama and a pillar of Newcastle's culture, it was a show I always wanted to be on! Is there going to be anything to replace it? What will happen to the Mitre?!
Luke, 13, Newcastle upon Tyne

I think that it's a shame that Byker Grove is finishing after 17 years and all because CBBC want to appeal to younger children. What are we meant to watch when we get in from school? Most programmes that teenagers would want to watch are shown on Sky but not everyone can have Sky.
Amy, 15, Chester

I think it's stupid that it is ending.
Kyle, 9, South Pepherwin

I think that it's just another programme - Newsround is the main CBBC programme I watch!
Alex, 14, Tadworth

I also think it's stupid, why should the teenagers have to lose they're good shows because they're aiming for younger kids (isn't that what CBeebies is for?). There should be another channel for older kids so shows like Byker could continue.
Aimee, 15, Cambridge

I'm proper sad that Byker Grove is finishing because it's such a good show. I'm really going to miss all of the characters!
Sarah, 14, Newcastle

I am really sad to see Byker Grove go as I've been watching it for ages and I love the show.
Jonathan, 14, Croydon

I hardly ever watched it but it's a shame that it is going to end after so many years.
Casey, 11, Kirkby

I'm not that bothered as I never watch Byker Grove. I don't know why people are so 'upset' because it's only a television programme!
Rosie, 13, Petersfield

I think it's stupid that Byker Grove is finishing because I think it's AWESOME!
Jane, 11, Wales

I can't believe that Byker Grove has been axed just because CBBC want to appeal more to the younger viewers. What are us teens supposed to watch?
Jamie, 14, Unknown

I don't particularly care that it's finished as I never watched it!
Lucy, 13, Ashford

I think it's bad to let a good show like Byker die.
Natalie, 11, Gateshead

I feel sorry for all the people who will lose their jobs as I think it will be hard for the younger actors going back to their normal lives.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

Noooooo!!!!! I love Byker Grove - I don't think there's enough programmes for teenagers on the BBC the only one I like now is Dr Who.
Ann, 12, Birmingham

I think that it is good that it's finishing, before it loses it's touch.
Millie, 15, Hampshire

I don't think it should finish because the story line is interesting and it has never been dry for all these years! If it was me I would keep it running for even more years.
Shaun, 12

I love it because it's set in Newcastle and so I know and recognise loads of the places they film!
Demi, 12, Newcastle

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