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Last Updated: Monday May 15 2006 10:55 GMT

Should ice cream vans be banned near schools?

A girl eating an ice cream
Some people want to ban ice cream vans from outside your schools.

The idea is to help stop you spend your dinner money on junk food.

But the Ice Cream Alliance says ice cream isn't junk food - and a ban is going too far as there's nothing wrong with having one now and then.

So what do you think?

Should you be able to make up your own mind what you eat?

Or do you think it's a good idea to get rid of temptations from outside the school gates?

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Your comments

I don't think ice cream vans should be banned because at the end of the day, in the summer, children might like to have an ice cream. But they'd should ask their mum because if they didn't it might spoil they're dinner. So I think ice cream vans should only come in the summer.
Dannie, 9, Dorking

I think ice cream vans should be banned because you can make your own at home with bits of fruit in it!
Laura, 9, Dorking

There used to be an ice cream van outside my school until pupil's parents started to complain, so now it goes further down the road and it is not so popular. I think they should be banned it is really unhealthy for you.
Julz, 12, Glasgow

I don't think having an ice cream van outside the school is bad because as you're walking home you do sometimes feel like something nice and cool at the end of the day.
Mareya, 14, Burnley

It's a stupid idea to ban ice cream vans, it's going too far and besides we need ice cream now that summer's here.
Erica, 12, Manchester

I think they should only have ice cream vans in summer. I don't have an ice cream van near my school anyway.
Katherine, 13, Livingston

Our school has an ice cream van just outside our gates. It is really good when the weather is hot to get an ice-cream but in the winter it is really pointless since many students just walk past it. So I think ice cream vans should only be allowed by schools in summer, or when the weather is hot. Not in the winter.
Michelle, 11, Liverpool

No way. Ice cream vans should stay in schools because some school meals aren't edible and ice cream vans ensure that children at least eat something at school.
Claire, 13, Skelmersdale

Er, NO!
Chloe, 12, Hull

As a group we think that ice cream vans should be banned on some days.
Class 7, 10, Birmingham

No, having an ice cream after school is good because it is a nice treat!
Daniel, 12, Morley

No they shouldn't. Kids should still be able to enjoy sweets. Just because some kids are obese doesn't mean all kids should be punished.
Olivia, 12, USA

Definitely not! Especially now we have hotter weather it's good for kids to cool down - I love the one outside my school!
Bethany, 12, Birmingham

Ice cream would be a good idea outside schools because ice cream will refresh your mind after a hard day at school especially with our SATs going on in yr 6!! However it will take up parking spaces which could be used for a better purpose and will use up valuable learning time!!
Robyn, 11, Greenwich

No, I don't think it should be banned because the owner should be able to decide where they can park their own van!
Annabel, 11, Colchester

I think there are much more serious issues in the world that should be discussed rather than something silly as ice creams being sold outside of school!
Sunah, 15, Birmingham

I don't think that ice cream vans should be banned because when it's hot what are children suppose eat when they want ice creams but in a way I think the government are right and people should stay fit and healthy.
Dipa, 14, Watford

Yes, it is so tempting! I always get one because they look so nice!
Anna, 10, Leeds

I don't think ice cream vans should be banned outside schools because you don't have ice creams in the winter - they are a treat in the summer.
Hannah, 12, Ipswich

I hardly ever see them so it wouldn't really make a difference.
Lucy, 12, Bridgend

Personally, I'm quite glad. If some children decide that an ice cream is more important than lunch they need to think again...and the government needs to try and stop it. But I guess it's your choice what you eat at the end of the day.
Nowrin, 12, Nottingham

I think that it's a RIDICULOUS idea to stop them! Ice cream vans are meant to be a treat in the summer and people will just buy them elsewhere anyway! Has everyone gone crazy?
Nick, 14, Nuneton

Ice cream vans shouldn't be banned near schools. When you come out of school on a hot day you want a nice cool ice cream.
Harley, 9, York

NO WAY!! It's a lovely treat when we've been working hard all day at school. Everyone knows they are a treat and so they won't spend their pocket money on them EVERY DAY. No one is that stupid!
Kirstie, 12, Leighton Buzzard

I think it's completely ridiculous. If they get rid of the ice cream vans it only takes about two minutes to walk to a shop and buy something from there instead. What are they going to do next, ban everything with sugar in it? One ice cream after a hot day won't do you any harm, it should be up to us to decide what we eat.
Becky, 15, Crewe

Ice cream is different from things like fizzy drinks because you can bring drinks from home but you can hardly bring ice cream for a snack!
Zoe, 11, Armagh

There is in no point because ice creams are healthier than what we have in school. The main culprit we had like hotdogs with loads of fat, chips and chocolate cake went long ago!
Matthew, 9, Chester

Ice creams are refreshing after I come home from school. I don't see why they should be banned outside schools.
Andrew, 13, Drofmats

Ice cream vans should be kept near schools as that's where they get most of their money from, as it is not a very well paid job then it would be like taking away all of their customers!
Georgia, 13, Stamford

I don't think they should be banned near schools at all!! When it's a hot day you need something cold and refreshing so I say they stay!
Laura, 12, Birmingham

I think that ice cream vans shouldn't be banned from parking near schools because they are a nice refreshing treat on a hot day, although I think it is too expensive.
Chloe, 12, Llay

I think that ice cream vans should be allowed to come after school is over, but not during the day.
Rhiannon, 12, London

I think that it should be there a few days a week in the summer to cool you down and so it will be more of a treat if there's less of it!
Alice, 14, Omagh

NO WAY! Kids have a hard enough time at school as it is, ice cream vans shouldn't be banned near schools, but kids shouldn't eat it every day either.
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I think they are great! We have one and it's after school so there really is not a problem. They don't just sell ice cream. It has lollypops sweets, scoobies and all sorts. It's been part of school for a long time and I would miss it. The poor man who runs it would not make as much money if it was not for the school.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

Why does it matter that they're outside school at the end of the day? You don't have to have one!
Bethany, 10, Solihull

I think that ice cream vans around schools should be allowed because it's good for a snack, but you should get your parents permission before you buy one.
Amy, 10, Doncaster

We have a ice cream van and sweet seller that actually come into our school during the last week of term!
David, 13, Chatham

WHAT! I only cope with school when I have the chance to get a snack like an ice cream because they've closed down the tuck shop in our school after the stupid Jamie Oliver action thingy!
Anon, 13, Surrey

There is no point as in the summer you would either go to the shop on the way home and buy even worse foods. I think they should just sell healthier ice creams or plain juice lollies.
Vicky, 14, Solihull

No, because having an ice cream relaxes you after a hard day at school!
Phillippa, 12, Newcastle

Ice cream men should move away from school premises because it puts parents under a lot of pressure to buy one and they are over 1 each!
Rebecca, 10, Nantwich

I don't think ice cream vans should be banned near schools because they aren't doing any serious harm.
Leanne, 15, Glasgow

No, this is a free world so why should they banned ice cream vans, especially when it is to hot.
Marcelo, 15, London

No. In the summer we always have one outside our school at the end of the day. It's really refreshing in hot weather and having an ice cream once or twice won't do you any harm - it's there for the people who want it. It's not like they're forcing anyone to buy one.
Caroline, 13, Rugby

They shouldn't be allowed to control what we eat, it's none of their business!!
Sam, 13, Coleford

I don't think that ice cream should be banned because if children get what they want they're happy.
Liam, 10, Swindon

I do think they should ban ice cream vans because everyone goes to supermarkets to buy ice cream cheap but ice cream from the van is usually two times more expensive.
Jessica, 11, Southend

I don't think ice cream vans should be banned because after they come to your school they come to your house and if you don't have a vehicle its a lot easier than to walk all the way to a shop and I'd feel very sad if they stopped ice cream vans from coming.
Ryan, 9, Swindon

I think yes because they distract pupils if you're doing an exam and the sound that plays can be irritating.
Bronagh, 14, Newcastle

I think no because children must be allowed to have ice cream.
Lisa, 12, Slough

Yes, they should be banned because I know I should eat good stuff but it's really hard to say no especially after a long day at school.
Caroline, 11, Alton

Yes, because kids will want always one.
Kayleigh, 9, Wycombe

I don't think it would make any difference as we buy ice creams and lollies from our local shop anyway.
Gemma, 12, Salford

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