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Last Updated: Friday May 12 2006 07:47 GMT

How I cope being partially deaf

Press Packer Catherine
Press Packer Catherine is partially deaf.

In her report she tells us about the different ways in which she communicates.

"I'm partially deaf. My mum and step-dad are fully deaf and my sister and my real dad are hearing.

Understanding friends

When I go to school my friends make sure they're looking at me and speak clearly so I can hear.

I depend on lip reading more than I do on actually hearing the words.

Sometimes it's difficult to understand during lunchtime - nearly half the school are in the same hall and it's harder to hear than in a quiet room.

People can make things easier for you by making sure they don't talk too fast or speak too quietly. If they do this then I can understand everything much better.

Special equipment

I also have hi-tech equipment to help me hear in class - my teacher wears a microphone around her neck and I can hear what she's saying through my hearing aid.

I also use this equipment for watching TV.

Life is easier because of things like the microphone and hearing aid I use - not many people have had privileges like this.


I know how to sign and even though I sometimes get stuck, my step-dad or mum help me out.

The words I occasionally get stuck on are 'excuse me' and 'sharply'.

My sister is seven years old and she's getting really good at signing. Although, like me, she still gets stuck on some words.

My school friends can sign a little and enjoy making things up!

My advice for other deaf or hearing impaired people is that you must do the best you can with the things that you have."

Catherine, 11, Oxford

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