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Last Updated: Monday March 27 2006 16:12 GMT

DVD review: Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace and Gromit

Release date
20 February (Cert PG)

The stars

Actor Peter Sallis as always provides the voice for potty inventor Wallace, while hero Gromit stays the strong silent type - he famously never speaks!

There's also the voice of Ralph Fiennes as a dastardly baddie (he was Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), and also Helena Bonham Carter (the mum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) who is the voice of posh Lady Tottington.

The plot

This story takes Wallace and Gromit into their first big movie, after short films and several half hour films. So are they big enough for a feature length film? Of course!

The film sees the pair protecting people's vegetables from ravenous rabbits as a local giant vegetable competition approaches. However their job becomes a lot more tricky and mucky as a giant veg-ravaging "Were-Rabbit" starts causing havoc with the horticulture.

Best bits

The film is brimming with bizarre and batty inventions by Wallace. Gromit's reactions as Wallace gets himself in a pickle are hilarious; there's the Anti-Pesto rabbit catcher, a brain altering device - and Thunderbirds fans should watch out for the Aardman tribute to Tracy Island.

The makers could only film about three seconds of action a day and the four and a half years it took to finish the film was well worth it.

Fave characters

The characters and the models are all clever and very funny. It's great to see animation with models - a nice change after so many computer-generated cartoons.

Look carefully and you can see the film-maker's finger prints on Gromit. He is probably everyone's favourite and is a hero hound too.

Any weak bits?

Not really. None of the gags are too cheesy.

DVD Extras
This double DVD edition seems to have more extras than the number of bunnies on Lady Tottington's lawn!

Younger kids will enjoy the games such as the Anti-Pesto SWAT Team where you have to try and catch the rabbits as they pop up on screen. You can also choose different outfits for Lady Tottington.

There are several excellent documentaries. One reveals how the animators got round the problem of fingermarks on the Were-Rabbit's fur.

The Amazing World of Wallace and Gromit reveals Nick Park's earliest films of his clay creations. And you can also see all 10 Cracking Contraptions short films.

How to Build a Bunny is a step-by-step guide to how Aardman studio made the cute creatures at the centre of the story. There's more to them than meets the eye.

Hit or miss?

A huge hit. This film works just as well on the small screen as it did in the cinema. And now you have the chance to spot all those visual jokes you might have missed first time round.

NR rating:

Five Newsround ratings out of five


Five Newsround ratings out of five

Have YOU seen it yet?

I think it was great it was funny it had adult humour and family humour in it.
Natasha, 11, Yeovil

Absolutely fantastic! I REALLY enjoyed it! I highly recommend it to ANYONE who likes a laugh!
Claudia, 8, Winchester

It's great because now I can watch the film over and over again and the special features are great!!!!
Laura, 14, Reading

I really enjoyed this film. The best bit was when Gromit saved the pumpkin.
James, 6, Wilmslow

I think it was absolutely brilliant! I really liked the bit when Victor fell off Tottington Hall and went headfirst into the Candy-floss machine and came out with a pink hair-cut at the Vegetable Competition. Also I liked it at the end when Hutch says " Cheeeeeeese!!!
Emily, 9, Bristol

It's a great film I really like the jokes and the cute little bunnies.
Rebecca, 8, Barrow-in-Furness

This is the best film I have seen in ages any one who doesn't like it are MAD! Even my teachers like it and we were talking about in ENGLISH! A definite 5/5 it's the best!
Amelia, 13, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I think that this movie is BRILLIANT! It is soooo cute and funny! I love it when Wallace falls for Lady Tottingham, and the DVD extras are so cool too!
Emily, 12, Maidstone

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