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Last Updated: Tuesday August 23 2005 17:10 GMT

Film review: Herbie - Fully Loaded

Release date
5 August (Cert U)

The stars
Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) plays Maggie Peyton, the not-so-proud new owner of Herbie.

Matt Dillon plays her racing competitor Trip Murphy and Michael Keaton (First Daughter) is Maggie's dad.

The plot
Worn out Volkswagen Beetle Herbie is scrapped, but somehow Maggie ends up buying him.

It turns out that Herbie is not the clapped-out piece of junk that everyone thought. In fact he used to be a racing car.

Herbie has a personality and will of his own and Maggie literally gets dragged into a car race.

She is from a car racing family but the family seem to have lost their winning streak.

Can Maggie save the family name? Will her dad let her race Herbie? And what will Herbie decide to do???

Best bits
Some of the races are quite exciting, and when Maggie's dad speaks to her during the last race you really want Maggie and Herbie to win!

Fave characters
Maggie is a cool character, and her brother is pretty funny too. Maggie's dad is really sweet and makes some really tear-jerking speeches.

Any weak bits?
Herbie doesn't talk but he has facial expressions and makes noises. The only thing is that he sounds more like Mr Bean than a cool racing bug.

Hit or miss?
A hit - but just about. You have to bear in mind that this is a film about a car with a personality and is not to be taken seriously at all.

NR rating:

Three out of Four

Have YOU seen it yet? Let us know what you thought of it!

I thought it was a very good, quite exiting film about an old Volkswagen Beetle rally car. I really liked when Herbie raced trip Murphy and when they brought Herbie to the smash 'n' bash arena. But the only thing that I didn't like was that the film was quite short. I give Herbie an 8 out of 10.
Adam, 11, Kinross

Herbie I think is one of the best films I have ever seen, it is so good that I will give it a 10/10!!! If you haven't seen it then I advise you to see it!!!
Lauren, 10, Maldon

This movie is great, Lindsay is cool but Herbie is great! He is soooo cute and steals the show. The little car rocks!
Charlotte, 12, London

I loved this film so much. Lindsay Lohan is becoming more stronger as an actress and therefore her films become better. 5 out of 5.
Kirsty, 12, London

I thought that this film was fantastic and really funny all the way through. I thought that the car Herbie was the best and who cares if he's like Mr Bean - who doesn't like Mr Bean?
Clare, 14, Livingston

I think the film was really good - the best bit was the races and when he fancies the other car which is yellow.
Richard, 13, Nottingham

This was an ok film, of course I'd much rather go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory any day.
Bryony, 11, Hove

The film was quite good although it had no story line - it was just a few races randomly slung together. It is a bit classic Disney where the main character always wins, rather stereotypical.
William, 12, Sutton

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