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Last Updated: Friday March 03 2006 16:36 GMT

I started my own school newspaper

12-year-old Jemima started her own school newspaper when she was in Year Six.

In her report she tells us what inspired her to get writing.

"I think school newspapers are a great way to get involved in writing about something that you believe in, that's why I founded the 'Trinity Times'.

I got the idea ages ago after I read a series of books called the 'Newspaper Kids'.

They really inspired me and I always dreamt that I might start a newspaper of my own!

The team
Somone writing on a notepad

We started off with just three people on the team, but by the end of the year there were five.

We always allowed anyone to join in and make a contribution, enter their cartoon strips and compete for the title of Journalist of the Week.

Hard work

Getting people to write to a deadline was always hard, but we never had a shortage of reports.

It was always a busy two weeks before each issue came out and it was especially busy the night before it was printed!

Not just writing reports

Jemima's school newspaper
Jemima's school paper
Everyone enjoyed being on the paper. As well as writing articles we also had many fundraising events, such as a cake sale for the tsunami.

Once, I phoned my local newspaper and asked a real journalist to come to my school for an activity day.

That was really scary but she came and was really nice and helpful!

How to get started

If you want to start your own school newspaper remember to ask a teacher before you start.

Also get a few friends involved, but ask them if they WANT to do it first!

To start with it was tricky getting my friends involved.

But when my headmaster gave me permission to print off copies to hand around it was a real leap!

So my top tip is don't let other people put you off.

It's a fantastic way to spread news around the school!"

Jemima, 12, England

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