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Last Updated: Friday August 05 2005 15:47 GMT

Headscarf warning to Muslim girls

Girl wearing the hijab
A Muslim leader has advised girls to stop wearing their Islamic headscarves if they're worried about being attacked in the wake of the London bombs.

There has been a rise in the number of attacks on Muslims since 7 July, and Dr Zaki Badawi said girls should have the choice of not wearing the hijabs.

"Dress is meant to protect from harm, not invite it," Dr Badawi said.

But some Muslims don't agree and say the hijabs are an important part of their faith, and girls are not at risk.

The hijab is a headscarf worn by Muslim girls and women to show they follow the guidelines of their faith.

It shows other people that they are Muslims. But Dr Badawi is worried that innocent women could be attacked because of the increase in crimes against people who follow the Islamic faith.

But it's important to remember that the Muslims involved in the bomb attacks are a very small group of people with extreme views, and the vast majority of Muslims do not agree with them.

Some Islamic groups are angry at the suggestion women shouldn't wear their headscarves. They say women and young girls are not at risk of attack, and stressed that the terrorists were not 'true Muslims'.

One Muslim girl called Hani told Newsround: "It said in the Koran that it will protect you, and Allah thinks it would protect you so if you believe Allah, you must believe what he is saying."

Her view was shared by Zarah:" I wouldn't consider taking it off... Before these people say stuff like this they should think twice."

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This is prosperous. If she does not want to wear her headscarf then no one is stopping her, but to advise other people not to is stupidity!!!
Mary, 14, Hackney

If you belive in Allah you must not take your scarf off no matter what. We are Muslims and are not threatend.
Sahra, 10, Wembley

I think that regardless of the London bombings Muslim girls should have the freedom of choice as to whether they where a headscarf.
Amy, 12, Heckmondwike

As a Muslim I feel that just because there are lots of bombings going on in London doesn't mean we shouldn't carry on with our normal lives and dress differently. We should carry on as normal to show the terrorists that they won't destroy us. Muslim girls are at risk but we (Muslims) were always at risk after e.g. 9/11. For Muslim girls to take off their headscarves would be wrong and therefore everyone should carry on as normal; these terrorists cannot win.
Layla, 14, London

Why should some bomb by silly people stop us from wearing hijab? It's a duty and a law in our religion and it is our duty to fulfil it.
Amara, 14, London

I think it's a stupid idea to ban headscarves for girls that have a different religion to us.
Shirelle, 12, Gateshead

I think they should have a choice to wear them or not. But mostly it's their choice and can do what they feel is the Muslim way.
Tiffany, 14, Poole

I agree with Dr Zaki Badawi, Muslims are at a higher risk when they are wearing the hijabs but I will still respect their decision whatever they choose to wear.
Bethany, 11, Sheffield

I think it's up to the girls, if they think they are at risk they stop wearing the headscarves, but they shouldn't have to feel that they are at such risk for practising their religion!
Sophie, 13, Sheffield

I don't think Muslim women and girls should have to give up their headscarves because of the London attacks. People should be able to wear what they want without being discriminated by others.
Kate, 14, Townlake

I wear a headscarf when I go out, but not all the time, and I admit there are people who stare at me on the roads. I don't know what they're thinking but I don't care either. All I have to say is if any Muslim has full faith in their religion, then they've nothing to worry about.
Halima, 15, Bradford

I think that girls and woman should have a choice of wearing headscarves. They should not be pressured into taking them off or keeping them on.
Sophie, 12, Liverpool

What the people did on 7th of July was very wrong. I know that nearly all the Muslims agree with me. I have quite a few Muslim friends, as well. Innocent people shouldn't be attacked cause of wearing a headscarf.
Sasha, 12, London

This is so stupid. You SHOULD be allowed to wear what you want. The people who bombed London, should be punished, no Muslim I know think that the bombings are right. Innocent people shouldn't be attacked because of who they are and what they wear or look like.
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

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