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Last Updated: Friday March 03 2006 08:04 GMT

How I made my magic short film

Michael and his sister Siobhan
Michael and his sister Siobhan

Press Packer Michael has been learning magic for about five years and he performs a magic show with his sister, Siobhan.

Recently they made a short film, which included lots of their tricks, and entered it in an American short film competition.

"I started learning how to do magic about five years ago and my sister started about two years ago.

I get nervous before I go on stage and perform our show, but once I get up it's good fun.

The tricks haven't gone wrong that many times. If they do I just move on to the next trick - it's fine really!

We always test things out on friends and parents first anyway.

Short film competition

We saw an advert for a short film competition and thought it would be good fun to enter. Our uncle helped us film it and put it together.

The film's called The Magician's Nightmare. In the film, I'm doing our magic show with my sister. After the show I go to sleep and start having a dream in which my sister's turned into a monster sized rabbit! There are lots of tricks in the film.

Short listed

It's been short listed for an award in an American film festival.

I think our film might have been short listed because it's quite funny.

We're going to find out if we've won the competition via email. We'd be thrilled if we won.

Meeting top magicians

My favourite magician is Ali Bongo. He does lots of comical magic and made my favourite trick, the pom pom trick, famous. (There are four pom poms and when you pull them they move about on the stick and funny things happen!)

I've seen Ali Bongo perform and I've also met him - he gave us advice about our show, which was great.

Learning the magic!

I belong to four magic clubs all around the country and I go all over the place to learn magic.

Loads of other kids go to the meetings and we all get taught as a group. You meet lots of people through it and make a lot of new friends. We all swap ideas and keep in contact.

Keeping tricks secret

You have to keep all your magic tricks secret. If you don't keep them secret you can get chucked out of the magic circle. I've never told anyone how I do the tricks, although my friends are always trying to find out!

There are lots of magic tricks I'd like to know how to do, especially the levitating ones - they'd be cool! I think people like watching magic because it amazes them. They think: 'Wow, how did they do that?'"

Michael , 14, Huddersfield

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