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Last Updated: Tuesday August 02 2005 15:52 GMT

I helped to save rare monkeys

Red uakari monkey
A team from CBBC's Serious Amazon series travelled to the rainforest of Peru to build an enclosure for the rare red uakari monkey.

Bethany was part of the team and she's sent us this report.

"The red uakari is one of the Amazon's most endangered creatures. Researchers say there are only a few thousand of them left living in the wild.

Logging is taking away their habitat and some people hunt them for food. The babies are sold as pets too, which is illegal, but there are not many forest police to stop this.



Our main challenge was to build a semi-wild breeding enclosure for captive red uakari monkeys.

Building an enclosure in the tropical heat was really tiring but we all knew how important it was for helping the red uakari.

It was a massive job. After we had laid all the bricks, we covered the walls with cement and then we added mesh to the sides and the roof.

The enclosure


I couldn't wait to see how the monkeys would like their new home. Then one of them was let in, and had a look around. It was great to see her so happy.

I feel so proud. Hopefully, the enclosure will lead to more monkeys being released into the wild."

Bethany, 15, Essex

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