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Last Updated: Wednesday August 03 2005 07:40 GMT

Recycling rubbish is important

Press Packer Stephanie

Press Packer Stephanie says it's important that we reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away.

In her report she gives us some useful tips on what we should do with our rubbish and tells us how we can help the environment by recycling.

"Are we using too much energy and throwing out too much rubbish?

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

People today throw out things like cans, plastic bottles and bits of paper, when they could reduce, reuse and of course, recycle!

Create a compost

People can reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away by using a compost bin.

You can put uncooked food in a compost and then leave it to rot.

It does wonders for your soil.

This is because the nutrients in the food spread into the soil.

Reuse your rubbish

People just throw away things without realising that they can reuse them.

For example - you can use a plastic bottle again and a can could be used as a pencil pot.

Bin your litter

Sometimes people leave their litter on the floor, even when there's a rubbish bin only a few steps away.

But there is a way around this.

Get a recycling box from the council and put things like plastic bottles and cans in there.

Then as much rubbish as possible gets recycled."

Stephanie, 11, Bristol

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