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Last Updated: Wednesday February 22 2006 08:51 GMT

Schools to teach about all faiths

Pupils at school
Pupils who go to religious schools in England will now learn about other religions, not just their own.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage young people to develop respect for other people's beliefs.

At the moment many religious schools choose to teach about other religions, but they don't have to by law.

Leaders from all the major faiths have signed a statement to say they agree with the change to lessons to help "combat prejudice".

Six major religions
School assembly
There are 22,000 state schools in England, and almost 7,000 of those are religious schools.

The new agreement with the Government means that the schools will now follow something called the National Framework on Religious Education.

It encourages schools to teach pupils about Christianity and the five other major religions represented in the country.

By the time pupils are 14-years-old they should have learnt about all these religions in depth.

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