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Last Updated: Tuesday August 02 2005 11:32 GMT

Mystery of dinosaur eggs solved

The fossilised eggs
State-of-the-art technology has allowed scientists to find out about some tiny dinosaurs who were about to hatch from their eggs 190m years ago.

The fossilised eggs were found in South Africa around 30 years ago. At the time, no-one in the country had the technology to find out much about them.

They were left on a shelf until being sent to Canada, where they were examined using special microscopes.

The scientists then worked out that the dinos were massospondylus carinatus.

Other fascinating facts were uncovered, like the babies having no teeth, even though they were on the brink of hatching.

Scientists say this suggests that even the earliest dinosaurs had to care for their young.

They now plan to use computers to work out how the creatures grew from 15cm babies to a 5m adult.

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