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Last Updated: Tuesday August 02 2005 07:38 GMT

I found out I have diabetes

Press Packer Philippa

Press Packer Philippa recently found out that she has Type 1 diabetes.

In her report she tells us how she's dealing with her condition and describes how she first found out she might be diabetic.

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just a few weeks ago.

First signs

It all started to show when I kept getting ill and feeling tired or moody.

It was actually my friend's mum who said I should go to the doctors because I didn't look very well.

Testing for diabetes

The doctor said it was just a phase I was going through but he gave me a blood test anyway.

He was then shocked to find my blood sugar higher than usual.

Confused and worried

He wrote a letter to the hospital saying I might have diabetes. I went to the hospital confused and worried.

I was admitted to hospital with Type 1 diabetes and it dawned on me that this illness was for life and will never go away.

Support from school friends

Everyone at school helped me once I went back and one of the teachers is diabetic so I had a friend.

I inject myself four times a day and have to test my blood sugar regularly, it can be a pain but it's ok really."

Philippa, 11, Lincolnshire

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