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Last Updated: Monday August 01 2005 17:09 GMT

Inside a Muslim religious school

Learning about Islam
The religion of Islam has been in the news a lot since the London bombings.

The July 7 bombers and the men suspected of carrying out the 21 July attacks are thought to have done it in the name of Islam.

Many Muslims are worried that it is giving people the wrong idea about their faith and that this may lead to them being treated unfairly.

Newsround travelled to Bradford to meet a group of kids who attend a religious school called a Madressas.

This is where Muslim kids learn about their holy book, the Koran.

It teaches kids to respect other religions and contains lots of other lessons about how to live your life properly.

There are 300,000 Muslim pupils in Britain.

Umar, 14, said he was upset about the bombings. "It's not very nice," he said.


One of his classmates, also called Umar, explained what goes on at a Madressas.

"We learn that we should not make fun of other religions and that we should go to the mosque to learn about stuff and not mess about," said the nine-year-old.

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