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Last Updated: Monday February 20 2006 17:07 GMT

Worksheet: Smoking ban to begin summer 2007

Cigarette being stubbed out

Smoking will be banned in all enclosed spaces in England in summer 2007 after MPs voted to bring in new rules.

Restaurants, cafes and even shopping centres will all be smoke-free from next year because of the changes.

Anti-smoking campaigners say lots of lives will be saved by the ban, but others think the government shouldn't be telling people where they can smoke.

Bans on smoking in public spaces have already been approved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the change would "save thousands of people's lives".

But the ban has raised worries that it could make things worse for some children, as parents who smoke will stay at home and light up rather than go to a pub or club where they can't.

People who smoke in places they shouldn't could face fines of as much as 2,500 - more than 10 times the current 200 fine.

The change in law is being bought in mainly to protect those who work in bars and clubs from the effects of passive smoking.

It's part of something called the Health Bill which could also see the minimum age at which cigarettes can be bought, raised from 16 to 18.


1. When will smoking be banned in England?

2. Where will smoking be banned?

3. In which other parts of the UK, has a smoking ban been approved?

4. What do anti-smoking campaigners and Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt think about the ban?

5. Outline TWO other opinions on the ban.

6. What punishment will people receive, if they smoke in places they shouldn't?

7. Why is the change in law being bought in? Who will benefit?

8. What else are the government thinking about doing under the Health Bill?

Now your view

9. Do you think the legal age of smoking should be raised from 16 to 18? Why?

10. Do you think the cost of cigarettes should be raised? Why?

11. Smoking is set to banned in all enclosed spaces in England but do you think it should be banned in all PUBLIC places such as streets and parks? Why?