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Guides: Bird Flu

Last Updated: Monday February 20 2006 15:16 GMT

What should I do if I find dead birds?

Dead swan
Birds die all the time, for all sorts of different reasons, and it's normal to come across them from time to time.

Don't touch any dead birds - or any other animals - that you find. It's very unlikely that you will catch bird flu but wild birds carry other infections that can make you ill.

If you see a single dead swan, you should report it. For other types of bird it is not necessary to report a single death. However if you find several dead birds close together, you should inform the experts.

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales you can do this by calling Defra on 08459 335577.

If you live in Northern Ireland call DARD on 02890 524999.

They will decide if the case needs further investigation.

Remember, birds could have died from poisoning, pollution or just because of cold weather. Even if large numbers of birds are found dead together it doesn't necessarily mean that they have died of bird flu.

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