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Last Updated: Thursday March 23 2006 14:16 GMT

Theatre review: Chuckle Brothers - Doctor What and the Return of the Garlics

On tour

February - June 2006

The stars

Who's who? Barry Chuckle is Doctor What and Paul Chuckle is Professor Who in this comedy sci-fi adventure.

The plot

The Chuckle Brothers try to get a job in a restaurant, but are caught up in a plot by arch villain The Mister to take over the world!

Travelling in the Tardis, they arrive on an alien planet where much slapstick chaos ensues. Watch out for gunge and gorillas!

Best bits

If you like pie-in-the-face humour you'll enjoy the scene where the Chuckle Brothers try out the Tardis food machine.

There's an hilarious song towards the end based on the 12 Days of Christmas, plus some impressive trampoline stunts from the Acromaniacs.

Fave characters

The Chuckle Brothers are the stars of the show, but Brian Patton gets a lot of laughs as rubbish baddie The Mister, who keeps getting blown up by his own bombs.

Any weak bits?

One big disappointment is the lack of Daleks. There's only one proper one and it's not on stage for very long.

Hit or miss?

Hit. If you're into Doctor Who and Star Wars you'll definitely come out chuckling!

NR rating:

Newsround rating: three out of five

Have YOU seen this show yet?

I went to see the Chuckle Brothers live at St David's Hall, it was good. Can't wait until next year.
Chloe, 8, Cardiff

It was brilliant and it made me laugh from start to finish.
Ocienne, 10, Orpington

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