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Last Updated: Saturday February 18 2006 10:12 GMT

Sportsround meets Cesc Fabregas

Francesc 'Cesc' Fabregas of Arsenal.

Spanish teenager Francesc - Cesc - Fabregas signed for Arsenal in September 2003 from Barcelona when he was just 16 and made history a couple of months later.

He was the youngest player to play for the Arsenal team when he made his debut when he was just 16 and 177 days.

He is also the youngest ever Arsenal goal scorer, after netting a goal at the age of 16 years and 212 days against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Sportsround managed to catch up with Cesc after he answered questions from young Gunner fans at a specially-organised event.

What's it like getting to answer questions from all these young Gunners?

It's a good experience for them and for me.

I can talk to young people and they have dreams as well like I had when I was younger and I would have loved to have the chance to talk to the player who were my idols when I was younger so I know what it feels like for them.

You are a role model for them - is that scary?

I don't know if they think that, but I would like it as it means that I'm doing my job well.

When you are young you look at people that you like with big eyes and cannot sleep the day before you meet them.

The atmosphere was really good here today and I really enjoyed it.

What made you want to come to Arsenal?

People have always been nice to me here and they showed a lot of passion to get me here.

I liked Arsenal before and they have a great manager Arsene Venger.

The Arsenal scouts came to Barcelona a few times to talk to me about coming to Arsenal. It was good to come here for my education and I couldn't miss the chance to play for a team like Arsenal.

And what's it like to play with amazing players who are legends all round the world like Thierry Henry?

Last season I had the chance to play with Patrick Vieri when I scored my first goal for Arsenal, so what can I say? You can't ask for any thing else.

It's like a dream come true, but I have to live in reality and realise you are doing what you've always dreamed of so you must keep working and training.

Do older players give you advice?

One of good things here at Arsenal is that when you start, the boss lets you play free just as you play with friends or in normal training.

Then when you get some experience you can take some advice like from Thierry or Patrick because everything they say is a good thing and it helps me improve.

Thierry is a really honest guy so if you are not doing well he will tell you, but if you are doing something good then he will tell you too.

They have much more experience than me so you have to listen to people who are older than you.

What did it feel like to be Arsenal's youngest scorer ever?

It feels good. It's been two years now so that's quite a long time ago, but for me it's a thing I have to remember for all my life.

But now I have to realise that I keep playing and it's time to think about the present and we are not doing really well so we want to come back and do better.

Do you miss Spain?

To be honest, I am really, really happy in London. It's a great city with great people and I'm not thinking about missing Spain as I am so busy and don't have much spare time.

When I have a few days off I try and visit my family or they will come here.

One of things I would miss about Spain would be the weather, but London is just great and sometimes it's sunny!

How excited are you about the World Cup?

I cannot imagine myself in squad as I have never been there for the World Cup so I have to keep working for the team, then for myself, so I can improve to show the national coach that I could be there so maybe I could get the opportunity to be in the World Cup.

Which country produces the best football players?

It's a bit tricky to say one but Brazil and Argentina always have great players and the kids are always in the street playing football. Sometimes they don't go to school, so they are just in the street playing football. They have won many world cups.

The countries in Europe are different. The parents don't let you do things like go out and play football as it's dark or too late.

I didn't have that problem as I lived in small village I could stay out till 2am in the morning. It was a great opportunity because I knew if I lived in Barcelona I would not have been able to do that.

What advice do you have for kids?

If you are eight or 10, then just enjoy it. You are only a child and you should just play with your friends and enjoy it

When you are 12 or 13, you will see if you are good or just want to enjoy playing with your friends.

When they are 15 you have to tell them if they are good to work hard as there might be chances for them to take, like at Barcelona or Arsenal. They must play hard and believe in themselves.

What will it take to beat Real Madrid?

It's going to be a difficult game, the pitch is very big. It's going to be a dangerous game but we like to play the way they play, which is playing on the floor, attacking, attacking.

The team that defends better will win the game.

This is the first time I will play in Spain since I've been at Arsenal and I want to show the Spanish people I can be in the national team - so it's going to be a special game for me.