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Last Updated: Friday July 29 2005 08:50 GMT

Newsround visits choccie factory

Where's Willy Wonka?
Where's Willy Wonka?
Never mind Charlie - Matthew was the name of our guide when we visited a real chocolate factory in south east London.

Like many 10-year-olds, Matthew is a big fan of choccie.

"It's one of my favourite treats," he said. "I like milk chocolate the best - it's delicious."

Matthew recently saw the original film version of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and is keen to check out the new movie starring Johnny Depp.

"I really like the story," he said.

Matthew was amazed by the chef's skills
Matthew was amazed by the chef's skills

But unlike Charlie Bucket, Matthew doesn't need a golden ticket to visit a choccie factory. His dad works for treat-makers Rococo.

"My friends are quite jealous sometimes," he giggled, as we started our tour.

Matthew showed us the big slabs of choccie used to make delicate treats. Then we spied on the chef as she used piped choccie, cocoa butter and colours to decorate her creations.

We found a box of white choccie
We found a box of white choccie

"I'm amazed at how much time and patience it takes," said Matthew, who had never seen the chef at work before.

There was no sign of Mike Teevee or Veruca Salt as we headed to the cold rooms and packaging areas.

But we did find a big box of white chocolate treats.

Willy Wonka

Resisting the temptation to sneak a taste, we found a room where boxes of choccie reached up to the ceiling.

The boxes reached the ceiling!
The boxes reached the ceiling!

We thought Willy Wonka might appear, or maybe some Oompa Loompas.

But they didn't - and sadly our magical tour had come to an end.

As Matthew waved goodbye, Newsround thought a great glass elevator might come to get us.

But it didn't. So we took the stairs.