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Last Updated: Friday July 29 2005 09:47 GMT

Tell us your spooky stories!

Experts reckon that Penzance in Cornwall is the spookiest place in the UK.

They've found that you're twice as likely to spot a UFO or bump into a scary monster there than anywhere else!

We want you to tell us your spooky stories.

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you think you've seen one?

Or has anything happened to you which was so spooky it just freaked you out?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

When you sit in my sister's room alone, you can sometimes hear your name being called when no one is calling you.
Erin, 13, Tunbridge Wells

I can't believe it. I woke up one night to go to the toilet and when I came back there was this figure standing near my wardrobe. I walked up to it and there was nothing there, then about 10 mins later there was someone banging on my WADROBE. I screamed so loud that my parents came in! Creeeeeeeeeeepy!!!!
Sasha, 13, Surrey

When I lived in Mansfield I would believe my house was haunted because every night I would see this boy's face on my wall. It gave me the creeps. Spooooooky.
Kayla, 12, Brockton

I was sleeping when I was on holiday in Windsor near the castle. I woke up and heard Greensleeves playing and I heard a cry and King Henry's booming voice. 100% true.
Nick, 12, Woodford

When I was about 6, I hated being left to sleep in the dark. I never slept and at any noise, I would gasp and cuddle my teddies. One night, I saw a faint figure at the window of a skull and I cried for my mum for comfort. She always calmed me.
Laurie, 14, Birkhill

I was at my friends' house with several other friends for a sleepover when at exactly midnight we heard a low pitch moan outside the window. then several orbs (balls of energy created by ghosts) flew across the ceiling a mysterious blue light hung over one of my friends. We were to terrified to move. then they all vanished. this is a totally true story!!
Charly, 13, Brentwood

There is a ghost in our house and I was in the toilet. I looked up from the sink into the mirror and there was this figure with a black cloak and black hair but I didn't see its face because it was covered with its hood.
Rebecca, 13, Kettering

Last year I saw a guy standing outside my window and staring at me. He waved and I screamed and went to get my dad. We went outside to look and he was still there, but my dad couldn't see him! He just kept saying "Where? There's no-one there!" and the guy was about ten meters away from us!
Amelia, 14, Stratford

One morning I was up early because a friend was coming round. There was no-one else awake but I heard a REALLY loud crashing sound from upstairs. It was such a strange sound that you couldn't describe it. Anyway, I was so scared I ran straight out of the front door.
Brendan, 14, Buxton

I was on the phone to my friend the other day and I was in on my own. It was at about 9.00pm and I had the lamp on beside me. Every now and again I kept hearing the wall being tapped and the lamp was flickering... I found it very scary!
Sophie, 13, Dublin

I go to Penzance loads because I live in Cornwall and when I was once staying there with some mates I was walking down a dark corridor and something started to breath down my neck, and doors in front of me and behind me started to bang open and shut on their own, and then no-one was there. This is true and from then on I never went there again on my own.
Pearl, 14, Falmouth

I had a nightmare one night. I was half awake and half asleep, if that's ever happened to you. I COULDN'T wake up! Something was stopping me from waking up! When I managed to wake up, I fell ON my bed. And that's odd as everybody was in bed, and I have a single bed so I couldn't have fallen off of anything in my room. Weird or what?!
Edward, 14, Lincoln

Even though I never have the window open in my bedroom (it's locked) the framed picture on my wall used to fall down most nights. My mum had checked the nail on the wall, but couldn't see how the picture could fall down. It really creeped me out, but now I've taken the picture down for good.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

My school is haunted by a girl called Denise. She was meant to have fallen down the stairs and every time you go down to the year 5 cloak room you hear the door creek or someone walking up the stairs or some thing spooky.
Stevie, 10, Dover

When I was 12 I stayed up one night playing on my PS2. I got off it about midnight and when I was about to fall asleep I started to hear a knocking on the wall next to my bed and there isn't another room next to that wall. It didn't stop for 15 mins, I couldn't to sleep for ages after it stop.
Emma, 14, Oakworth

My grandma used to have a cat called Smudge that died before I was born. When I was little, I saw a transparent cat vanish into a closed cupboard at her house. Also I used to point at nothing and say 'cat' when there was nothing there.
Natalie, 15, Lincoln

When I was sitting in my room alone watching a film all the things in my room went off including my light and there was a strange sound a bit like heavy footfalls coming from a little annex next to my room then the TV came back on and instead of a picture there was just a white line the light came back on and the sound stopped but I had to turn all the other stuff back on myself. this has happened about 5 times in the past 7 years.
Stephen, 15, Renfew

When I'm sat in the study (which is just across the landing from the bathroom) I can hear the tap dripping, when I go to turn it off - it's not on and from the bathroom I can hear typing coming from the study - even though I know nobody else is in the house - it freaks me out a lot.
Clare, 14, Yorkshire

I was on one of those school holidays when I was in Year 8 in Borick Hall. It is believed that the White Lady haunts Borick Hall, who lived there. The story states that the White Lady was forced to marry someone whom she didn't want to marry, so threw herself through her bedroom window to kill herself. I think I felt her presence there and it was like I was being watched and shivers kept running down my back. It was SPOOOOOOKY there!!
Heather, 13, Houghton

My keyboard is haunted! Whenever I go on the computer, it always slides out without me even touching it! It's not even slanted, so there's no reason for it to do it, it just does!
Annabel, 14, Hemel Hempstead

At one time you could here tapping coming from the loft. It's gone now.
Abbey, 9, Sheffield

I was six and it was in the summer holidays. I was camping in my garden, mum and dad sleeping in the same tent. I had woke up and felt as though I was being watched. Then suddenly a green blob of something appeared hovered around the tent then disappeared. I got frightened but then it disappeared. In the morning there was no trace of it. Weird... was I dreaming? Was I seeing things?
David, 12, Fife

When I was 10 I used to hear noises and I swear that I saw my toy clown turn his head. I might have been imagining it but I'm pretty sure that I saw it happen. I'm now scared of clowns.
Emma, 15, Accrington

At night I can hear the floorboards creaking, too. It REALLY creeps me out and when I'm on my own upstairs at night I cant walk about without turning round cos I always think someone's there. Maybe I've been watching too many scary films..
Leona, 12, Macduff

there is an Island near where I live called Sherkin. we used to go out at weekends. we stayed at the old priests house and it is haunted.
Eoin, 15, Skibberdeen

Well I was at my friend Hannah's house with my other friend and we were alone and Hannah was reading this framed poem she had given her mum for Mother's day and she got to a line that said 'My mum keeps me safe from fear' then the CD Player turn on by itself next to her and it was playing the song that was played at her granddad's funeral! This is a 100% true! It was so scary and then we heard running on the stairs and then we all felt something breathing down all of our necks at the same time and we were all in separate places in the room.
Steven, 11, Cambridge

When I was little I was scared of dark and would always shout for my mum. Some night I couldn't see anything cos it was so dark and could see the shape of a person and I thought it was my mum but really there was no one there! Spooky! I think that I believe in ghosts!
Sarah, 15, Sheffield

There is a picture in my nan's living room, of my great grandma. One evening when we were round there it fell off, there was no explanation of how it did. We then found out later that she died that night.
Sophie, 13, East-Sussex

I go to Hampton Court quite often, and it's one of Britain's most haunted place, and you hear quite a lot of strange noises there sometimes.
Naomi, 13, Ewell

Once when I was on the phone to my mate I saw a black shadow on the wall holding up what looked like a knife! I blinked and then he was gone! I'm scared to go in that room on my own now.
Sophia, 12, Crawley

When I was about 5 I used to share a room with my sister. I woke up one night and there was this man standing by the door, made up of dots! He was wearing a blue and white striped top, black trousers and a red neckerchief and had long black hair - and no face. It turns out there used to be a factory where our house is. I think the ghost could have been a worker. Not many people believe me, but it is true.
Anwen, 13, Cardiff

My sister's room seems to creak quite a lot but she says that it's nothing to worry about, but it really freaks me out!
Aisha, 12, Slough

I was looking in my wardrobe when suddenly my phone fell off my phone chair. It fell forward about 1 metre...... Spooky or what!!
Almira, 14, Nottingham

Things fall off my wall in the night and I can hear footsteps all the time upstairs but I know nobody is up there. I also see things moving quickly past the side of my eye.
Jay, 14, Scotland

Whenever I'm in my bed I always feel if someone is watching me. But nobody is in my room. What's happening? Spooooooooky!
Mehreen, 11, Accrington

I was around my friends house having a sleepover and we heard knocking at the attic cause her bedroom is next to the attic. It was like someone wanted to get out or something!
Charlie, 11, Leicester

My bedroom is under our loft and I can hear footsteps up there - but it only ever happens when I'm on my own, not when I bring my Dad in to hear it! Spooky!
Daisy, 12, Bedford

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