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Last Updated: Friday February 17 2006 18:24 GMT

What do you think of the smoking ban?

Cigarette stubs on the floor
Smoking will be banned in all public enclosed spaces in England from summer 2007.

Are you happy with the ban? Is it about time because it'll lead to lots of people giving up and non-smokers not having to breathe others' smoke.

Or do you think your parents might smoke at home more if they're not allowed to do it in restaurants and pubs?

Will it lead to more people smoking in the streets instead?

If you live in a place where there is already a smoking ban, how is it working?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

It's horrible when you are trying to have a nice meal in a restaurnt and the person in the table next to you is smoking. It's just disrespectful. So I think the idea is great.
Tessa, 11, St. Neots

It will improve the health of lots of people, not just the smokers but kids as well.
Catharine, 14, Guildford

I think that smoking is bad and should be banned because children go out a lot and smoke other people's smoke.
Maya, 9, Woodford Green

I am so glad because I think it's a filthy habit that people shouldn't start. I hate the smell of it on your clothes and it's not just the people smoking who are affected, it's people around them too.
Hannah, 13, Birmingham

I'm not sure if its a good idea because it might reduce the amount of people who smoke and all of those people pay loads of money in tax.
Colin, 10, Manchester

I think the ban is great! There is nothing worse going out for food and being surrounded by cigarette smoke!
Bethany, 13, Ammanford

It is not a habit you will like trust me. I used to smoke and I was always out of breath. You DON'T NEED TO START!
Andrea, 13, Mansfield

I think it's excellent because maybe it might bring down the smoking rate in this country.
Zara, 13, London

I don't think it will stop people smoking all together, but it is a good idea to try and keep public places clean and healthy.
Immie, 11, London

I think it's great! It may even make people think twice before starting and make smokers quit because there's no point in standing in the freezing cold just to have a fag!
Charlotte, 13, Heybridge

I think that smoking should be banned all over the world not just in public enclosed places.
Timothy, 11, London

We think that the smoking ban is a good thing but we worry that instead of going out to smoke parents might stay in and smoke in front of their children.
Class Four, 9, Fishburn

Smoking should be banned everywhere as it is disgusting, especially if people are eating.
Melissa, 13, York

I do and I don't agree on the smoking ban. Yes because it will help people stop smoking and no, because if people want to smoke then they will.
Bridie, 13, Newcastle

I think smoking should be ban because it might encourage people to stop.
Keeley, 11, Birmingham

I think it should be banned and people should stop because it is very bad for you and means you can die quicker.
Deepak, 9, Ilford

I'm really happy that people won't be allowed to smoke. Whenever I go out shopping I always come back stinking of smoke and my parents think I have been somewhere else. I have never liked smoking and I'm really looking forward to 2007!
Vicki, 11, Cambridge

It is great! It means when I go into cafes and shops I won't have to keep coughing due to the fact smokers can't do it anymore.
Niamh, 11, Glasgow

It would be great, it would mean a lot less people being admitted to hospitals because of other people's smoke!
Beth, 14, Scotland

People who smoke in public areas are damaging themselves as well as others. The ban is good. Now my clothes won't smell now when I go to restaurants.
Abbie, 13, Nuneaton

It'll be a good ban, but people will just start smoking at home round their children.
Rachel, 8, Birmingham

I'm from Ireland so smoking is already banned but I think smoking should be banned in the U.K as well - it's a killer. At least then people who don't smoke won't inhale smoke.
Aoife, 11, Ballina

It's great! I think smoking is a disgusting and pointless habit. Now they can't smoke around us, we won't get ill because of their stupidity.
Callum, 13, Pitlochry

I think it's a good idea but it's not going to encourage smokers to give up. Most smokers want to give up but are too addicted and banning them from public places will make them feel like outcasts.
Abigail, 12, Surrey

It's a bad habit that needs to be stopped but it's not fair on people who smoke not to smoke in public places.
Joe, 15, York

I think it's a wonderful plan, because it's not fair that children should have to breathe in someone else's smoke.
Alice, 11, London

I think it's great idea because I can now breathe at ease. I just hope it will try and reduce the amount of smokers. But if people want to smoke, they should but should go to a separate areas.
Hannah, 14, Nottingham

It's great, smoke free public places will be heaven!
Becca, 14, Bucks

I agree with the ban but the only problem is, is that it will encourage some parents to smoke more at home so then it will harm their child's health.
Angharad, 14, Wales

I think that the smoking ban is a great idea. It will save thousands of lives every year and stop other people breathing in dirty air.
Andrew, 15, Forres

I think it will be a good idea because when you go out for a meal, you expect to eat food and not be breathing a load of smoke while you're eating.
Chloe, 10, Upminster

I think that it is a great idea and I am really pleased that a ban will finally take place.
Olivia, 12, Birmingham

I think that people should be allowed the smoke, anywhere they like. It is their choice to smoke and if people don't like it, they can leave.
David, 15, Forres

Good it's a bad and dirty habit.
Sean, 12, Liverpool

I think that the smoking ban is a good thing because it is okay for people who choose to smoke, but what about all the people who don't smoke, but are having to breathe in the smokers smoke?
Elly, 12, Preston

I think it's a wonderful plan, because it's not fair that children should have to breathe in someone else's smoke.
Alice, 11, London

I think it's brilliant! It's disgusting when I have to walk behind someone who's smoking or be in a restaurant with them. I am forced to breathe in more smoke than the smoker themselves. BRING ON THE BAN!
Amy, 14, Cambridge

I don't know if the ban will work but at least health will improve.
Aisha, 14, Telford

All I can say is it is about time! Someone should have done something like this a long time a go.
Emma, 14, Weymouth

I think that smoking in public places should be banned earlier! It's already damaged so many people's health why wait so it can damages even more.
Kayleigh, 14, Bristol

I agree totally with the ban. It is so unfair for us non-smokers to have to breathe in and suffer the consequences of someone else's wrong choice!
Sarah, 13, Berkhamsted

I think it will stop younger people wanting to smoke because they think it is cool and see other people doing it.
Stephanie, 11, Andover

I think it'll be nice to be able to eat out somewhere without having to smell someone's cigarette smoke.
Lindsay, 12, Luton

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