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Last Updated: Monday July 25 2005 16:58 GMT

Quiz: Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Question 1

How many times has Lance won the Tour de France?

A: Five
B: Six
C: Seven

Question 2

Which team does he belong to?

A: Confidis
C: Discovery

Question 3

What colour are the LiveStrong wristbands which promote the charity Lance set up after having cancer?

A: Red
B: Yellow
C: Blue

Question 4

Which US state is Lance from?

A: Texas
B: Arizona
C: Alaska

Question 5

How old was he when he became the youngest road race world champion?

A: 18
B: 21
C: 25

Question 6

What year was he born?

A: 1970
B: 1971
C: 1972

Question 7

Who is his rock star girlfriend?

A: Gwen Stefani
B: Sheryl Crow
C: Pink

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