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Last Updated: Wednesday July 27 2005 17:28 GMT

What weird food does your pet like to eat?

Scientists have found out that cats don't like eating sweets because they have a faulty gene that doesn't allow them to taste sugar.

We want to know what strange foods your pets like to eat when they're not eating their usual pet food.

Maybe your cat likes to eat crisps? Or your dog likes fairy cakes?

Is there something that you eat that your pet loves too?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

My cat Tipsy will eat any thing but his favourite food is tuna mayo with onion!
Keira, 12, Great Yarmouth

My cat, Cleo loves pickled onion Space Raiders, chilli sauce, curry and tacos. Weird!
David, 12, Fife

My cat's favourite food is chocolate ice-cream with strawberries!!!
Cheryl, 15, Oxford

My cat loves licking off my finger the marmite from my toast!!
Alicia, 14, Twickenham

For some strange reason my cat used to love eating fish food! When I went to feed my fish, he would always follow the scent of the food in the box!
Emily, 13, Kent

My rabbit will eat anything.
Bethany, 10, Blackburn

My old dog liked donuts, and used to recognise the bag!!! One of my cats likes broccoli, and all of our animals like spaghetti (dogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and cats)!!
Laura, 15, Bath

My cat Bramble likes eating cheese sandwiches. I had one one day and I left it on the table and she ate it!
Louise, 13, Oswestry

My dog likes to eat jelly and ice-cream!!
Tara, 13, Essex

My cat loves to eat hamster food. Maybe it's because it looks a bit like his dry food, but I still think he's a bit weird.
Tina, 11, Surrey

My cat toffee likes salt and vinegar crisps!!
Yvette, 13, Stourbridge

My rat Spotty loves to eat cardboard. When we bought him from the shop he was given to us in a small cardboard box, he managed to eat his way through it.
Oliver, 11, Chelmsford

My dogs eats baked beans and sausages.
Katie, 11, Beckenham

My cat eats dog food and can't stand cat food.
Georgie, 13, Essex

My cat loves to eat twiglets and marmite toast! She can't get enough of them!
Jessica, 14, Jersey

My hamster eats ham and chocolate.
Rachel, 12, Birmingham

One of my dogs likes diet coke the other likes porridge and warm milk.
Kelly, 11, Skegness

My jack russell named Judy likes eating rabbit and guinea pig food but not her own food.
Ruth, 13, Ashfield

My hamster eats chocolate buttons, they're her favourite!! Me, my sisters and my parents all think that she's really funny when she eats then. We're careful only to give her 1 or 2 at a time though!
Bex, 13, Scotland

My dog loves to eat slugs and butter! Although not at the same time...
Becca, 12, Aylesbury

My cat eats fried egg!
Diane, 14, Scotland

My cat Sooty likes to eat mashed potatoes! Especially with butter!
Sarah, 11, Portaferry

My cat, Cleo, loves eating cheese!
Laila, 14, Bradford

My dog likes oranges and gravy! Gross!
Rizwan, 11, Livingstone

My rabbit just loves to eat crisps. They were lying around and now he just likes to eat nothing but crisps!
Sarah, 12, Slough

My cats like vegetables.. especially cucumber and cabbage!
Kate, 14, London

My cat Dudek loves eating gravy and chips. And my other cats like eating chocolate and biscuits.
Kim, 13, Newport

My rat Hermione likes to eat toast in the mornings when my mum gets up.
Caroline, 14, Isle of Sheppey

My mice eat leftover pasta! No sauce though, just plain pasta! They go mad for it!
Maddi, 12, London

My dog sits up at the table with my family and eats everything we eat... everything from shepherd's pie to tomato soup to chocolate fudge cake!
Beth, 14, Plymouth

My cat likes to eat rabbit food. I really don't know why. She just gets in the run with my rabbit and start to eat it's food. Sometimes I think my cat's a rabbit in disguise!
Danielle, 10, Hampshire

My rabbit is the most unusual animal when it comes to food it eats: toast, ice cream, chocolate, crackers, biscuits, pepper and cereal. Weird or what?
Caroline, 13, Hampshire

My pet rabbit used to like to eat cheesecake. Now she eats her normal food.
Mehreen, 11, Accrington

The cat next door likes blueberry muffins.
Laura, 13, Manchester

My cat loves to eat sweetcorn.
L, 13, Cornwall

My pet guinea pig Gigi likes eating lemon meringue pie!
Claudine, 13, London

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