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Last Updated: Friday February 17 2006 18:15 GMT

Should there be paparazzi laws?

Sienna Miller
Actress Sienna Miller wants the Prime Minister to stop so many photographers following her around all the time.

She wants something done about them because she says they make her feel frightened at times.

What do you think of Sienna's complaints?

Should there be laws to stop photographers, or do you think they should be able to take pics of celebs whenever they like?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

I don't think that it's right that celebrities get chased around 24/7. It's harrasement and it's got to stop.
Tessa, 11, St. Neots

The paparazzi shouldn't stalk and annoy celebrities but if you are famous it's got to be one of the things you just have to put up with in return for everyone knowing your name.
Kurt, 13, Horsham

I think "celebs" should just grin and bear it. If you don't want it then stay out of the spotlight!
Stewart, 14, Edinburgh

I think that Sienna and all the other celebs have a right to feel scared, especially when it results in some people having to get into their cars and quickly drive off at speed.
Hannah, 13, Ipswich

The paparazzi shouldn't be allowed to stalk celebrities. They have plenty of opportunities to take photos of celebs at press conferences and premiers. Celebs should be allowed some privacy now and again.
Emma, 15, Cambridge

Sometimes it is not just celebrities that get hurt though. It's people that have been on front page, for example if a family member has just died they follow you around. With a loss like that and the press on your shoulders, how could anyone cope?
Ashley, 13, Maybush Green

When you see the paparazzi in the street going chaotic with all their cameras and air brushes it is like a bird of prey attacking a pigeon. It draws attention to the situation, then people become interested in what's happening and join the chaos and that makes a greater chance of people getting hurt.
Chloe, 14, Darshire

I think that a celebrity IS a celebrity because they are in the papers, if Sienna wanted to be left alone, then she wouldn't really be much of a celebrity.
Hayley, 11, Chesham

I think that Tony Blair should do something about it because they are practically like stalkers. And how would you feel if you where constantly on camera and people waiting outside your house in the mornings? well I certainly wouldn't like it.
Michelle, 12, Buckinghamshire

I think it is all part of the celebs job to have their photos taken whenever wherever because, they are famous and people would want to take photos of them.
Catherine, 12, High Wycombe

Yes I fully agree with Sienna . My mum is a model and as a result I also feel the paparazzi pressure. Everywhere that you go there they are! It's like having no privacy at all. There should be laws against them as we cannot really enjoy life this way.
Linda, 14, London

I think that paparazzi is part of being a celeb and if she wants to she can stop being a celeb by making photographers not take photos. I personally think that what Sienna said was stupid and pointless.
Nora, 10, London

Paparazzi is all part of being famous you just get on with it! I collect autographs and I've met some lovely celebrities who were happy to sign and some people who refused! It is really unfair! If I met Sienna Miller I'd say to her if she didn't want to deal with the paparazzi then maybe she should go and work in an office somewhere!
Helen, 14, Leeds

I don't think that celebrities should complain, but they do need some privacy such as when with family and holidays.
Philip, 15, Northern Ireland

I think that as celebs are getting paid loads of money for their job they should accept being hounded by paparazzi, though they do deserve a bit of privacy.
Sam, 11, Hethersett

The whole point of being famous is being pictured by the paparazzi so if she wants to be famous she should get used to it.
Whitney, 11, Tunbridge Wells

I think it would be pretty cool getting your shots in magazines and newspapers but it's so annoying having people chasing around after you!
Fatima, 12, London

I think she is right. I feel the paparazzi are over the top in celebs faces all the time. I think there should be a limit to where and when the paparazzi are allowed to hassle the celebs.
Adele, 15, Seaford

I think that celebs shouldn't moan because without the pictures people wouldn't know who they are they can't just choose when they want a picture.
Ian, 10, Huyton

I think that the paparazzi should only be able to take pics of celebs at award shows and stuff, where they want to have pictures of them taken, not just anywhere like I the local street.
Paige, 13, London

Who does she think she is? She wants Tony Blair to stop what he is doing to address a minor problem which affects probably 0.0001% of the UK. She needs to grow up and fast!
Dianna, 15, Bolton

I think it's a good idea. Because maybe then if not so many pictures are taken not so many people will feel as pressured to look perfect like a celeb all the time! I mean it's ok at premieres but you wouldn't like it if people were taking pictures of you 24/7.
Annie, 15, Hartlepool

It would be great for the celebrities to give paparazzi one-time only, written permission at events to take their photo - that way, if pictures are posted in a tabloid then the celebrity can complain if they didn't express their written permission.
Sophie, 13, Peterlee

DUH! she's a celebrity paparazzi is all part and parcel of being famous! I understand she's wants a bit of privacy but am afraid that paparazzi have a job to do and getting photos of celebs may be annoying to the celeb but it's their job at the end of the day!
Sinead, 15, Scarborough

I agree, let the celebs live there lives and us live ours!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

I think celebs like the media one minute, for getting them publicity and hate them when they overstep the mark. Some people manage to keep themselves out of the limelight, however others only have themselves to blame.
Vicky, 15, Harrow

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