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Last Updated: Sunday July 24 2005 13:19 GMT

Outl4w bring on a Summer of Rock and Roll

Loads of kids dream about getting a number one single, but most won't make it.

But a band of punk-rocking kids called Outl4w could be in with a good chance, thanks to the backing of London radio station XFM.

The boys, who are all no older than 16, won a competition to make a hit summer record, with their tune Summer of Rock 'n' Roll.

Now the track has been professionally recorded, and it's going to be released on 1 August.

The lads are lead singer Bobby, aged 12, 11-year-old Jack on rhythm guitar, Will, 14 on bass and 16-year-old drummer Stuart, all from Lytham St Anne's.


Bobby describes their sound as "kinder-punk", a sort of high energy pop-rock, influenced by Green Day and the Ramones.

Will told Newsround: "We wrote the song in a week, and it beat 500 other entries to win."

"It's all about just relaxing in summer. I love the fact you can just do what you like in the holidays."

Will, Jack, Bobby and Stuart
Outl4w beat hundreds of entries to get their song made
The band are having their video played on Top of The Pops the Sunday before the tune is released.

Bobby said: "It's really exciting being on one of the biggest music shows ever.

"But making the video was tiring - I had to jump around on stage about 38 times in a row!"

The group has started to influence their friends, with loads of them forming their own bands.

Will's words of advice for any kids who follow in their footsteps are simple: "Practise hard!"

Ready for the future

So, if all goes to plan, they'll be hitting the charts soon, followed by a hoard of their friends. But what about further into the future?

"We've got loads of songs ready for an album," says Bobby.

"I'd love it if our next single was a track called Jeremy Bentham - it's about a philosopher whose head is on display in a museum."

This group of kid punksters might have unusual tastes, but their catchy tunes could see them being more than just one-hit wonders.