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Last Updated: Sunday July 24 2005 11:34 GMT

I'm looking out for mammals


There are more than 50 types of wild mammals in Britain but many of them are under threat.

Press Packer Becky and her friends spend time looking for mammals and in her report she tells us what they do.

"My friends and I have made up our own club.

We go around looking for mammals such as voles, mice, badgers, foxes and a few others.

Never harm

We search in exactly the right sort of habitat to find these animals.

We are very quiet, careful and patient to make sure that if there are any animals we find them.

We would never harm the animals but we are worried other people are hurting them and taking them from their natural environment.

More aware

Despite our efforts we rarely find many animals.

I think people need to be more aware of the dangers UK mammals are in.

I don't know how many groups there are that do the same sort of thing as my friends and I but I would like to think there are lots."

Becky, 10, Shropshire

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