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Last Updated: Friday July 22 2005 10:33 GMT

Shuttle set to take off next week

The Discovery shuttle waits on its launch pad

Space shuttle Discovery will blast off at 3.49pm UK time on Tuesday 26 July, according to the US space agency Nasa.

But even though they've made plans for a new launch there's still work to do to fix a problem with the shuttle.

The launch of Discovery has been delayed by a problem with a sensor that shows how much fuel is on board, but Nasa says it's close to fixing it.

When Discovery takes off, it will be the first shuttle mission since the Columbia disaster of 2003.

It will go to the International Space Station on its 12-day journey.

A space agency spokesman said: "We have a great deal of work to do to get us through this, but we all agree that this work is do-able to take us to a launch on the 26th."

If Discovery does not take off on Tuesday, there are at least four further opportunities for it to launch before 31 July.

Seven crew members died when Columbia broke up on its journey back to Earth.