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Last Updated: Friday February 10 2006 17:57 GMT

Lizo's sneak preview of the Goblet of Fire DVD

A scene from Goblet of Fire
Newsround's Lizo Mzimba got a sneak preview of all the extras on the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD.

He cast his expert Potter eye over the new interviews, behind-the-scenes snippets and interactive content.

Here's what he thought.

The DVD extras have come a long way since Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone in the USA). Film by film we've seen more of what goes on behind the camera on a Potter movie. And Goblet of Fire goes further than any of the previous movies.

Highlights include the inspired choice of writer/director Richard Curtis to interview Dan, Emma and Rupert; the Meet the Champions section with Clemence, Stan and Robert; and the section dealing with the film's climax - the return of He Who Must Not Be Named.

Lowlights include no JK Rowling - by her own admission, finishing writing this book was one of her most challenging experiences. It would have been wonderful to hear from her about this film version. And there's no director commentary from Mike Newell.

The Extra Scenes

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry
Mostly the deleted scenes are bits trimmed from the cinema release - Harry trying to catch Cho on a staircase, Snape and Karkaroff arguing while Snape blasts students - out of carriages not bushes - who are getting too friendly at the Yule Ball. A creepy conversation between Crouch and Moody.

And there's the full version of Do The Hippogriff, fine if that's your thing. And also a return of the School Song. Potter purists will want the scenes for completeness' sake, for others it's easy to see why they never made the final cut - they don't further the plot particularly and things often have to go for time or pacing.

Conversations with the Cast

One of the highlights of the disc. Richard Curtis questions, quizzes and cracks jokes with Dan, Emma and Rupert. And, thankfully, the Talking Head from Azkaban is a long distant memory.

There's the usual insights into working with the director, Mike Newell. But fans are after unusual nuggets - and we find out what the strangest question from a fan Dan has ever had is, 'Is it true that slugs are bigger in Britain?' And the boys talk about whose house they'd like to be Portkeyed into. For Rupert, a keen golfer, it's Tiger Woods'. For Dan, he can't decide between Natalie Portman's house and Scarlet Johansson's.

The First Task

One of the special effects highlights is the dragon. Here we hear from the FX team how they managed the complex 140 or so shots.

The Second Task

The Weasley twins
Producer David Heyman calls this one of the movie's biggest challenges. Dan spent a total of 41 hours and 38 minutes filming underwater for the film. This section explains how they managed this part of the film.

The Third Task

The most interesting of the task featurettes, the film-makers explain the psychological nature of the maze. And how the mix of real and CGI helped them provide one of the film's most spectacular set pieces.


The cast talk about the making of the movie and what it's like being part of the Potter experience. They also pay tribute to director Mike Newell and how he brings a real sense of British boarding schools to the movie.

As a director, he gets extremely involved with the action. Getting excited, jumping up and down with the cast, or even rolling around on the floor with Oliver Phelps, showing the Weasley twins what he wants their fight to be like. This section is a good chance to hear from cast members other than the main three.

Meet The Champions

Malfoy and chums
My favourite feature, a day in the life of the three champions - Clemence, Stan and Robert. Starting at 6.30am it follows them from breakfast at Leavesden Studios, through make-up and costume and onto sets.

On this particular day they're all doing different scenes. Robert is being repeatedly killed, Stan is being followed by girls and Clemence is walking down a corridor. What this section does is, for the first time, show us around the parts of the studio that we never see on film.

And it also gives a brief moment of glory to some of the hardest working people on the sets - the ADs (assistant directors) as they do their best to make sure that the cast is all in the right place at the right time in the right costume and saying the right lines.

Preparing for the Yule Ball

In true Strictly Come Dancing style, the cast spend weeks rehearsing for the Yule Ball. Some are better than others. But there's also the chance to let their hair down as a band belts out the wizarding hit Do The Hippogriff. Many fans will love the different designs that Emma's costume went through.

He Who Must Not Be Named

Fleur Delacour
This scene was the climax of the film, and the film-makers talk about the decisions they made, especially with regard to Voldemort's eyes and nose. Ralph Fiennes, who admits he didn't know too much about the books before being approached for the film, explains his insight into Voldemort's character. Even when you're watching him being filmed from a distance, he's phenomenally scary.


This is the most comprehensive set of DVD extras yet for a Potter film. With sections covering each of the movie's set pieces. Fans will be delighted by the variety of material that the second disc contains, with more than an hour and a half of features.

It would have been nice to have some commentaries, input with JK Rowling and something about the search for Cho Chang and how Katie Leung was chosen from 5,000 other girls. Oh well, maybe next time we'll have that commentary with the director and JK Rowling and a section called Looking For Luna!