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Last Updated: Thursday February 09 2006 20:37 GMT

Quiz: Snowboarding

Christophe Schmidt of Germany practices during snowboard training before the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games

Question 1

What do you call your stance on a snowboard if you put your right foot forward?

A: Right on
B: Regular
C: Goofy

Question 2

What do you call the front and the back of a snowboard?

A: Top and tail
B: Nose and tail
C: Head and foot

Question 3

Using your snowboard the opposite way round is called riding...

A: Fakie
B: Faking
C: Fake-foot

Question 4

What is another name for a basic jump?

A: Allie
B: Ellie
C: Ollie

Question 5

In the Winter Olympics half-pipe competition, how many runs do the riders get to impress the judges?

A: 2
B: 3
C: 4

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