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Last Updated: Tuesday July 19 2005 16:56 GMT

Worksheets: My school is linked with Africa

School in Ghana
Lizzie, 10, from Devon goes to a school which is twinned with another school in West Africa.

In her report she tells us what she's learnt about her new friends.

"My school is linked with St. Peters International School in Ghana.

We have got pen-pals and my best friend has got a letter back.

In January, my teacher is going to Ghana to teach the children there and we are aiming to become global citizens.

We are swapping work projects so we will be able to learn the things that African children learn and we will see what life in Africa is like.

School uniforms in Ghana
All children in Ghana wear the same school uniform
The children in Ghana wear thin, brown and orange school uniform and our teacher brought some back from her first trip to Ghana in February.

We have learnt that in St. Peters International School they stay there until year nine.

At the moment it is the rainy season in Ghana which makes it hard to get to school and some days the children don't go because the rain is too heavy.

I am still waiting for a reply from my pen-pal, and I am glad I am so fortunate to be able to communicate with someone in a different continent."

Lizzie, 15, Buckinghamshire


1. How do pupils at both schools communicate with each other?

2. What do you think Lizzie means by becoming a "global citizen?"

3. Why are the pupils in Africa and England swapping work projects?

4a. Describe the uniform worn by pupils at St Peter's International School in Ghana.
4b. Describe what you wear to school?
4c. Describe the similarities and differences.

5a. How old are the children when they leave St Peter's?
5b. How old will you be you leave school?
5c. Describe the similarities and differences.

6a. What prevents some children from going to St Peter's?
6b. What prevents some children from going to your school?
6c. Describe the similarities and differences.