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Last Updated: Tuesday July 19 2005 12:49 GMT

Quiz: HBP Pensieve memories

Harry Potter graphic.

Question 1

What was Bob Ogden wearing when Dumbledore and Harry saw him in the Pensieve?

A: A frock-coat and spats over a striped bathing costume
B: A dinner jacket, top hat and spats
C: A striped velvet pinstripe suit and bowler hat

Question 2

When Tom Riddle revisited Hogwarts, who did Dumbledore say was waiting for him at the Hogís Head?

A: Crabbe, Malfoy and Goyle
B: Nott, Rosier, Mulciber, Dolohov
C: Snape, Black and Lupin

Question 3

What did Dumbledore and Harry see was nailed to the door of the Gauntís house?

A: A dead raven
B: A dead badger
C: A dead snake

Question 4

Who explains what a Horcrux is to Tom Riddle?

A: Severus Snape
B: Horace Slughorn
C: Albus Dumbledore

Question 5

Who does Harry see in the Pensieve who is wearing an elaborate ginger wig and pink robes?

A: Hepzibah Smith
B: Esmerelda Jones
C: Henrietta Snape

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