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Last Updated: Tuesday July 19 2005 11:45 GMT

Quiz: Hurricanes

Satellite picture of a hurricane

Question 1

On average, how many hurricanes happen each year?

A: 4
B: 10
C: 20

Question 2

How much rain does a typical hurricane release?

A: 6-12 inches
B: 12-18 inches
C: 18-24 inches

Question 3

Which of these was NOT a hurricane in 2005?

A: Cedric
B: Dennis
C: Emily

Question 4

When is the hurricane season?

A: March to September
B: April to December
C: June to November

Question 5

What is the minimum wind speed, in knots, for a hurricane?

A: 28
B: 64
C: 200

Question 6

At least how warm must the sea be to produce a hurricane?

A: 24C
B: 27C
C: 30C

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