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Last Updated: Wednesday February 08 2006 18:27 GMT

Experts find T.rex 'dad' fossils

An artist's impression of Guanlong wucaii
Scientists have found 160m-year-old remains of what they think is the oldest tyrannosaur ever found.

Fossils have been found in China of dinosaurs that experts think may have been ancestors of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Experts think the adult was three metres tall, stood on two legs and was partially covered with feathers.

The creatures may have been related to the tyrannosaur family because when the skeletons of both beasts were compared they had some similar bones.

The new find also had a big bony crest on its nose, which has helped earn it the name, Guanlong wacaii.

Guanlong comes from the Chinese for dragon and crown, while wacaii means five colours, as the fossils were found in very brightly coloured rocks.

The scientists found the remains of two animals; the complete skeleton of a infant dinosaur and the partial remains of an adult.

They think that much like other tyrannosaur, this latest discovery was a fierce predator.

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