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Last Updated: Wednesday February 08 2006 16:35 GMT

Giant rabbit saved from cook pot

Giant rabbit
After Herman the huge bunny hopped into the news on Friday, there have been lots of giant rabbit stories, but none as heart-warming as the tale of Rudi.

Rudi, like Herman, is a German Giant, and tips the scales at 8.7kg, a kilo more than Herman, and won the title 'Berlin Champion' at a competition.

His owner was going to eat him, but after his brush with fame, decided he was too fond of the monster rabbit.

"He is the king of the barn!" said Erwin Teichmann, of Berlin.

Rudi crushes Herman's claim at the title of biggest bunny, but even he wasn't the heftiest hopper in the competitions.

That honour could go to Robert, who's owned by Karl Szmolinsky, and has reached a massive 9.2kg.

German Giants do not exist in the wild, but have been developed by breeders.

They need to weigh at least 7kg to qualify for the breed, and can live for as long as 12 years.

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