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Last Updated: Wednesday February 08 2006 17:51 GMT

Bullies target tall girl Caroline

Caroline Stillman

A girl who was bullied for being tall, even after leaving her school, has been telling Newsround what happened.

Caroline Stillman, who is 6ft 4in tall even though she is only 13, hoped the bullying would stop when she quit classes, but it didn't.

Instead the bullies used internet chatrooms and instant messaging to continue abusing Caroline.

Now she's being taught at home there are no teachers to stop the bullying, so the police are investigating.

Caroline is taller than most children her age because she has a medical condition called Marfan syndrome.

She told Newsround how other children tried to trip her up on the stairs, one tried to poke her with scissors and others put chewing gum in her hair.

Eventually things got so bad that she had to be taken out of school.

Caroline said: "The bullies managed to get at me at home as well. People sent me horrible text messages, emails, instant messages.

She added that the problem only really started when she got to secondary school, because younger children didn't think anything of her being taller.

Hoping to return

But Caroline is determined to get back in the classroom: "I'd like to go back to that school, but obviously not with those bullies still there. I'd just really like to get an education."

The head teacher at her school explained that the school has an anti-bullying charter and doesn't tolerate bullying.

He says that the school is working with Caroline to try and find a way for her to return to lessons there as soon as possible.