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Last Updated: Monday July 18 2005 11:10 GMT

Fast food litter harming pigeons

Pigeons are getting fatter
Pigeons could be culled if people keep on dropping fast food on Britain's streets, litter campaigners have said.

The creatures have been breeding more and getting fatter as a result of pecking up leftovers which have not been put in the bin.

The summer is the top breeding time for pigeons and waste food attracts them in large numbers, meaning there are more breeding opportunities for the birds.

Councils may be forced to cull them if the problem isn't sorted out.

A Keep Britain Tidy spokesman said it was cruel that animals are "scavenging in unnatural environments for food that isn't good for them".

It's thought that seven out of 10 bits of litter found on our streets are food-related.

It's not just pigeons which are affected. Rat, fox and gull populations are getting bigger too.

Keep Britain Tidy is backing a scheme that encourages food outlets to keep their premises free of litter and pushes the anti-litter message to their customers.

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