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Last Updated: Thursday March 16 2006 14:49 GMT

Film review: Chicken Little

Review by press packer Millie, 13, Solihull

Chicken Little

Release date

10 February (Cert U)

The plot

Chicken Little is a funny story about a cute chicken looking for forgiveness.

He makes a big mistake when he claims a piece of the sky has fallen in on him, terrifying all the residents of Oaks Oakley town.

The whole town, including his dad, are cross at the trouble he caused and think he is a big joke.

Chicken Little tries to make up for his mistake by wishing on a star for a chance to be a local hero. His dreams get answered when he joins a local baseball game and comes up top trumps.

Unfortunately, his happiness doesn't last long when, for a second time, a piece of sky falls in on him - and this time has really does have to warn everyone...

The characters

Chicken Little - the small but energetic star of the film and his friends: Fish - the Fish out of Water, Runt of the Litter - a big pig who is really a bigger coward and Abby the 'ugly duckling' who loves karaoke!

Best bits

My particular favourite is the Dodgeball scene in the gym. It was really funny when all the losers were trying to hide from the balls and not get hit.

When the aliens are hunting for our heroes in the maze. It's very fast with lots of action, high speed chases and nailbiting moments.

It is very funny when Chicken Little tries to get to school and fails miserably and ends up losing his trousers and having to make a paper pair.

And Runt of the Litter turning everything into a song!

Any weak bits?

The scene in Chicken Little's bedroom when the sky fell down goes on a little bit long.

Although the chase scene was very good, it might be a bit too much for younger viewers as the aliens did come over quite scary.

And some people might find the bit when Chicken Little and Abby find their true feelings for each other a bit silly.

Hit or miss?

This film is a gripping comedy and a true Disney hit. There are some very funny parts and some great lines.

NR rating:

Newsround rating: four out of five

Have YOU seen this film yet?

I love this movie with a passion! Chicken Little is seriously hilarious, a movie you can watch again and again and it just gets funnier. The best part was definitely Fish Out of Water, though. He makes the movie, he's so funny!
Heather, 15, Riverton

I thought this movie was a bit silly. I did not enjoy some parts, while other parts were hilarious. Over all it was a So-so movie.
Hannah, 11, USA

I thought it was really funny but some scenes dragged on a bit. Overall, 9/10!
Hayley, 10, Scotland

This is a fab movie and it's so funny. I got a stitch from laughing!
Bonnie, 10, Pinner

I enjoyed the film but didn't think it was the best movie i have ever seen. It had it's moments though.
Megan, 13, Crawley

I think that Chicken Little is funny and good for little children as it shows you that you may be little but you can still have big dreams!
Kirsty, 10, Blackburn

I thought it was very funny and enjoyable. Great for little kids but not for big kids as it can get a bit boring.
Clodagh, 10, Knocklyon

I think it is a really really funny film!
Jemma, 7, Croydon

I think that Chicken Little is a fantastic film and I would watch again and again!
Adele, 14, Manchester

It was fantastic!
Callum and George, 7, Wadworth

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